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Gadget Design Single Tank Adapter


  • Model: DE-M-2010-001A
  • Brand: Gadget Design

Product Description

Engineered and manufactured in Australia, the Gadget Design Single Tank Adapter is crafted to the highest standards to deliver a truly better diving experience. One of the most critical factors in safe diving is the comfort and fit of your dive gear. Perfect for all levels of diver is the new Single Tank Adaptor.

Ideal for diving with a single tank (BYO tank bands), on a backplate harness setup. It's light enough to travel with but strong enough handle the toughest conditions. A perfect combination of beauty and strength.

Made from 316 marine grade stainless steel, it is perfect for the marine environment. And computer-based mathematical analysis software confirms the performance and location of every feature and dimension.

Devil's in the Detail

With every edge machine finished to +/-0.1mm to protect your harness and dive gear, it’s hard not to marvel at the level of detail in the design. Electropolishing creates a super-smooth, mirror finish to protect your plate for years of use.

Single Tank Adapter Specification

Material: 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Thickness: 2 mm (0.079")
Weight: 0.275 kg (0.61lbs)
Mounting Holes: 297 mm (11") between centres
Slot Width: 53 mm (suitable for 2" webbing)

Recommended Hardware

Metric: M8 x 35 mm Hex Socket Button Head 316
Stainless Steel bolts with flat washers and wing nuts
Imperial: 3/8" x 1.25" Hex Socket Button Head 316
Stainless Steel bolts with flat washers and wing nuts

Care and Maintenance

316 stainless steel has very high corrosion resistance properties against salt water, the highest of all the stainless steels. There is very little you need to do to maintain the beautiful appearance and performance of your dive plate. However, like all stainless steel products, a surface discolouration called 'tea staining' can occur under certain conditions.

Surface damage, especially heavy scratches, and prolonged exposure to salt water can cause this tea staining. While the tea staining has no effect on structural strength, it can affect the plate's appearance. Avoid striking the dive plate or single tank adapter with sharp or heavy objects to avoid damaging the surfaces. Always thoroughly rinse all components (and all your dive gear) in fresh water after diving to remove all traces of salt water.

Do not expose the dive plate and single tank adapter surfaces to acids or acidic cleaning agents or abrasive polishes. Tea staining can start in the grooves caused by acids or abrasive polishes so always wipe and dry your Mercury plate with a soft cloth.

(01/14 LRB)

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