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Best Divers Nylon Tank Carrier

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  • Model: BD-AB0340
  • Brand: Best Divers

Product Description

The Best Divers Nylon Tank Carrier is a great accessory for scuba divers who own their own cylinders as it makes the carrying of dive cylinders easier. If you're not tall enough to extend your arm when carrying your scuba cylinder(s) by the valve, then you'll struggle to do it easily. That's why the Best Divers Nylon Tank Carrier is what you need.

Carrying your scuba cylinder like a briefcase is one way to show you mean business. Turns out, it’s also a handy way to keep your tank from whacking steps and low-lying obstacles without having to heft it way up into the air as you do when lugging it by the valve.

The nylon harness slips over a tank quickly and is easily secured tightly with Velcro fasteners. The design makes it easy to adjust the diameter of the harness so it works with a variety of tank sizes—though, not surprisingly, the lighter the tank, the better. The hand grip distributes the weight evenly and is comfortable enough to get you from points A to B. Divers who bring their own tanks will appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of the carrier.

Adjustable 50 mm bands for 10, 12, 15 or 18 litre cylinders.

  • The tank carrier is a durable webbing system designed to make the transportation and carrying of scuba diving cylinders easier.
  • The tank carrier has two separate durable 50 mm webbing tank straps.
  • The straps are secured closed by a sturdy a plastic D-ring and Velcro closure.
  • The two webbing straps are joined by a narrower webbing handle that is stitched over both of the straps and has sturdy PVC handle that provides grip and comfort when carrying scuba cylinder.
  • The two straps fit easily around the diameter of all brands of standard scuba diving cylinders.
  • No metal to scratch your cylinder.

(10/19 LRB)