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Belt Buckle - Apollo Stainless Steel Weight Belt Buckle

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  • Model: CB20020
  • Brand: Apollo Scuba

Product Description

the Apollo Stainless Steel, Quick Release, Weight Belt Buckle is made from top quality, corrosion resistant, marine grade stainless steel and features three slots.

Many of the quick release belt buckles available today only have 2 slots for the belt webbing to pass through. The Apollo belt buckle has 3 slots to ensure the webbing cannot slip improving diver safety.

As this stainless steel buckle is suitable for use with standard 50 mm (2 inch) nylon webbing, it can also be used as a replacement buckle on weight belts, most types of diving harness or BCD waist belt, that currently use this type of quick release buckle.

A must have piece of diving equipment for any divers spares bag or tool box.

  • Made from high quality stainless steel
  • 3 slots for extra belt security
  • Weight: 100 g

Technical Tip

Threading a 3-Slot Quick-Release Belt Buckle

Threading a Quick-Release Belt BuckleStarting from the front of the metal buckle, thread the left waist strap through the larger end slot of the buckle. Position the buckle approximately 45 cm (18 inches) of webbing length from the plate left waist slot. Then thread the webbing from the back through the centre slot and through the front of the inner most slot. Then thread the webbing through the back of the larger end slot so there are two thicknesses of webbing through one slot and pull the weave tight.

See also, How to Thread a Weight Belt Buckle.

(01/19 LRB)