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Sonar Hand Spear Rubbers

$8.95  $4.50
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  • Model: RUBBER.435
  • Brand: Sonar

Product Description

The Sonar Hand Spear Rubbers are a pre-made rubber for a hand/pole Hawaiian spear sling designed to ensure maximum power by using a black, 52 cm long, 10 mm (3/8 inch) diameter, high stretch black rubber and a crimped nylon cord. They are designed for hand spear Hawaiian sling poles made by a wide range of manufactures.

For a cheap start into spearfishing a handspear is the way to go. Hand spears consist of a pole, a spear tip, and a rubber loop and they are the best way to learn spear-fishing. They force you to discover the fundamentals, making you the most versatile and efficient hunter.

If you own a hand/pole spear you will eventually need to replace the sling. The worst thing that can happen when out hunting is to have your sling snap. Don't ruin a perfect day of spearfishing by not carrying a spare hand spear rubber.

Sonar is known for quality, durable and long lasting spear fishing products. If your pole spear sling is broken why not replace it with a quality, durable Sonar Hand Spear Rubber. They make a great save-a-dive kit item.

(02/14 LRB)