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Trident Tank Valve Hand-wheel/Knob Removal Tool

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  • Model: TRI-SA99
  • Brand: Trident Diving Equipment

Product Description

The Trident Tank Valve Hand-wheel/Knob Tool is a specially crafted screwdriver like tool used to remove the cylinder valve hand-wheel/knob from the cylinder valve on a scuba tank. A must for the serious diver and great for your save-a-dive kit.

If you need to remove or replace scuba valve hand wheels (aka knobs) you will need one of these hand-wheel nut tools, which work on nearly all brands of scuba valves and hand-wheels. The hand wheel nut, which screws on to the valve stem and retains the spring against the handwheel, requires a special slotted flat blade to remove or replace the nut. This is a professional grade tool with an easy-to-grip handle.

Trident Tank Valve Hand-wheel/Knob Removal Tool Features:

  • Easy removal and installation of valve hand wheel nuts
  • Fits most manufacturer's valves
  • Durable steel blade
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Great save-a-dive kit item
  • Must have for the serious diver
  • Great gift item

To use, close the valve and while holding the hand wheel to keep it from spinning insert the blade into end of the valve hand-wheel and on to the matching slots of the spring retaining nut. While pushing in slightly, use the tool to unscrew the nut from the stem to free the spring and hand-wheel.

To reassemble, push the hand wheel on to the valve stem, then insert the spring followed by the nut in to the end of the hand-wheel. While pushing the nut firmly against the stem, capturing the spring, screw in the nut. Screw the nut in until the end of the stem is flush with the top of the nut. The stem should not protrude past the top of the nut or the spring will be too compressed and the hand-wheel will be difficult to operate. A small amount of 'play' in the hand wheel is normal, as this improves its impact resistance.

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