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Sonar Black Plastic Webbing Lock Clip - 5 cm

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  • Model: DX-60901
  • Brand: Sonar

Product Description

These Sonar Black Plastic Webbing Locks can be securely attached to any { 5.1 cm | 2 in } webbing. We've found numerous uses for the webbing lock. You can use them to hold nearly anything in place on { 5.1 cm | 2 in } webbing. One lock can be used to stop something from sliding off webbing, or use two locks to sandwich something between them so it will remain precisely in place. A moulded-in loop at the top will also accept a split ring, adding to the uses for this device.

You'll need to use pliers (or have the hand strength of King Kong) to close this lock on webbing and force the gripping surface to penetrate surface of the webbing, especially if the webbing is dry and stiff. Once closed it's not moving at all, but it can be opened with effort.

Note: Please do NOT use pliers on the small clip near the end that holds the webbing lock closed, it will break off. Use pliers only on the BODY of the lock, near the middle.

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