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  • Trident Tek Neck Occy Holder Retainer Necklace

Trident Tek Neck Occy Holder Retainer Necklace

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  • Model: TRI-R586BLK | R586YEL
  • Brand: Trident Diving Equipment

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Product Description

The Trident Tek Neck Occy Holder Retainer Necklace is a wrap-around retainer for your primary or octopus second stage regulators. The flexible, UV resistant, silicone loop is placed around your neck. Then you push the mouthpiece of your second stage regulator through the smaller retaining mouthpiece loop to ensure your occcy remains in place around your neck.

This necklace is the safe, comfortable and convenient way preferred by technical divers to keep their octopus regulator close at hand enabling quick and easy access when needed.

Technical Divers, Cave Divers and Underwater photographers secure all manner of equipment with these Octo Necklaces. They stay flexible even in cold water.

The convenience of always having your reg close by makes us wonder why reg necklaces aren't more widely used by the open-water set. Never grope around for your second stage again!

Trident Tek Neck Necklace Features:

  • Durable solid UV resistant medical grade silicone regulator necklace
  • Holds the regulator in place around your neck
  • Fits comfortably around the diver's neck
  • Easy to install on any second stage mouthpiece
  • Never reach around for your octopus regulator again

Inner Diameter: 129 mm ( 9 inch)
Circumference: 787 cm (31 inch)

Colours: Black or Fluro Yellow

Regulator Necklaces

The regulator necklace is an increasingly popular method to manage your alternate air source. The necklace concept derives from technical divers that had a need to keep their back-up regulator close to their mouth for instant availability.

When donning your gear, the necklace holding the backup regulator is placed over your head first, allowing the second stage to hang securely under your chin. Then put the primary regulator in your mouth. It may take one or two dives to get comfortable with the new regulator position, after that you won't even be aware it's there unless you need it.

(11/20 LRB)