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Dive Rite Hose Clip Retainer (Pair)

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  • Model: DR-AC2019
  • Brand: Dive Rite

Product Description

The Dive Rite Hose Clip Retainer (sold as package of two) is a simple device that replaces the need for cable ties, O-rings or cave line to attach clips to regulator and SPG hoses. Simply pass the bungee through the clip opening, around the hose, and over the tab. This connection is secure but can still be easily removed for reconfiguring, and if you pull hard enough it is designed to breakaway.

Dive Rite Hose Clip Retainer

If you don’t have the time or patience for tying knots then, the Dive Rite Hose Clip Retainer is the solution. This re-usable bungee with tab can be used to secure a bolt snap to a hose, a gauge or a light. Simply thread the bungee loop through the eyelet of a snap, stretch around the hose, and bring the bungee loop over the tab.

In the past, others have recommended using a large O-ring for breakaway connection on snaps attached to regulators and SPGs. However, O-rings were not durable. The Dive Rite Hose Clip Retainer is a durable alternative.

Keep a dozen of these in your dive kit. You'll be surprised how quickly your dive buddies 'borrow' them never to return.

Sold in a pack of two.

(05/14 LRB)