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Gear Aid Antifog Sea Drops Liquid Drops - Squeeze Pack (37ml)

  • AUP-M40220

Gear Aid (formerly McNett) Sea Drops is a liquid Anti-Fog and Lens Cleaner for Dive Masks, Goggles and Optical lenses. NEW IMPROVED FORMULA! The concentrated clear liquid prevents fogging even in extremely cold water. It's non-abrasive and safe for all glass and plastic lenses - will not harm surrounding silicone or rubber support frames. Designed for maximum dive mask defogging and quick, easy, in-field application. One two-drop application lasts all day, through multiple dives.

For Diving and Snorkelling Masks

Gear Aid Sea Drops Anti-Fog and Lens Cleaner 37 ml Features

  • Safe for All Glass and Plastic Lenses
  • Will Not Harm Silicone or Rubber Support Frames
  • Designed for Maximum Dive Mask Defogging and Quick, Easy, In-Field Application
  • Uses: Dive Masks, Ski Goggles, Eye Glasses, Face Masks, Binoculars and Telescopes
  • Not Recommended for Swim Goggles (see SKU: AQUSQAF Sea Quick Anti-Fog Spray)
  • 2-in-1 Formula: Anti-Fog/Lens Cleaner
  • Proven to Last Long Liquid Formula
  • Concentrated, Two-Drop Application
  • Non-Abrasive-Safe for All Lenses and Optics
  • Performs Well in Extremely Cold Water
  • Non-Toxic, Biodegradable and Alcohol-Free
  • Convenient 37 ml (1.25 oz) Two-Drop Squeeze Applicator

Technical Tip

Mask Defoggers Explained

Regardless of the brand or type of defog there are basically only two ways to defog your mask, either coat the lens with an inhibitor (gels like SeaGold, and of course 'spit') or make the lens very clean so fog doesn't form (surfactants like SeaQuick and SeaDrops). Both approaches work equally well but require different application methods so it's mostly a matter of personal preference.

  • A cleaning spray is the most popular approach because it's quick and easy. Generously spray the inside of the mask lens, rub and rinse completely to remove. If the lens is not 'squeeky clean' then repeat and perhaps rub a bit harder.
  • The liquid drops are a concentrated version of the spray type cleaners. If you like the concentrated drop cleaners, a convenient alternative is a travel size of Johnson's 'No More Tears' Baby Shampoo┬«.
  • With the gel, apply a thin even coating to the inside of the mask lens (more is not better) and lightly rinse to smooth out the coating. Do NOT completely rinse or rub away the gel, remember you want a light coating of the gel on the lens.

Every once in a while it doesn't hurt to also clean the outside of the mask lens. It won't help to prevent fogging but you'll see better if the lens is clean on both sides! By the way, we are not big fans of the 'mask bucket' found on many dive boats. When everyone is rinsing their masks in the same bucket, they are sharing their bacteria and viruses with everyone else. We avoid that by rinsing our masks in seawater (works fine), fresh water from the shower hose if there is one, or even bottled water as a last resort.

Size: 37 ml (1 1/4 fl oz)

Not for use on Swim Goggles.

(02/22 HS)

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