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Divesoft Silencer

$71.00  $67.50
Save: $3.50 (5%)

  • Model: DS-8016
  • Brand: Divesoft

Product Description

The Divesoft Silencer is intended to muffle the sound when discharging air from diving cylinders and tanks. Anyone who has had to discharge old, leftover breathing mix knows what a problem it is to keep the hiss of the released air to a reasonable level even during relatively slow discharge.

Drain it quiet, drain it slow, drain it safe.

The Divesoft Silencer is attached to the cylinder valve and the old air can then be discharged within a few minutes, even in a closed room or onboard a boat, for example. Thanks to this effective silencing, noise does not exceed a level that would make conversation difficult in close proximity to the tank.

The Divesoft Silencer comes ready to connect to DIN valve outlets. To use with Yoke (A-Clamp) fitting valves a DIN to Yoke adaptor is required.

(10/19 LRB)

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