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Divesoft Analyser Voltmeter Plug-in

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  • Model: DS-8017
  • Brand: Divesoft

Product Description

The Divesoft Analyser Voltmeter Plug-in lets you use your Divesoft He/O2 Analyser to measure electrical voltage levels of batteries, lights, scooters etc.

After this V connector is plugged in, the Divesoft Analyser automatically switches to the mode of a simple low-voltage voltmeter.

The voltmeter is designed to be used as a tool when checking or repairing diving equipment in the field. The maximum allowed DC voltage is 40V (any polarity) or 28V AC with sinusoidal wave. The effective value (RMS) is measured for AC voltage.

Caution: If the voltmeter is exposed to the mains voltage, the analyzer will be destroyed and/or personal injury or death due to electric shock may occur!

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(07/14 LRB)