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Nautilus Lifeline USB Cable


  • Model: NL-AUS-01-R1
  • Brand: Nautilus LifeLine

Product Description

The Nautilus Lifeline USB Cable is a micro USB cable used to charge the original Nautilus Lifeline Marine VHF Radio and GPS device. This cable is also used to link the Nautilus Lifeline to your PC or Mac computer with the Nautilus Desktop Software installed so that you can configure it and update the firmware.

The micro USB end of this cable is a lot slimmer than what is found on most micro USB cables so that it fits properly into the micro USB connection on the Nautilus Lifeline. Many third-party micro USB cables simply won't fit. We know, because we've tried them!

Please Note: This USB Cable is not suitable for use with the Nautilus LifeLine Marine Rescue GPS product.

(02/17 LRB)

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