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Land and Sea Alpha Dive Flag and Float

$89.95  $85.00
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  • Model: L&S 681013
  • Brand: Land and Sea

Product Description

Let everyone know where you are diving with this Land and Sea Heavy Duty Rig Line weighted Float with Alpha Dive Flag (blue and white dive flag as used throughout Australia).

This is a diving and snorkelling flag, so as to warn that divers are in the immediate vicinity and incoming vessels should avoid the area, or proceed only slowly through the area.

Within this affordable pack, you get a weighted float bearing the small Alpha flag and a Rig-Line for attaching the flag. The weighted float ensures that the flag will bob upright on the surface of water maximising visibility.

Made from heavy duty durable materials, the PVC flag measures 34 cm x 25 cm.

This float and flag exceeds the Victorian requirements for divers’ personal flags. The requirement is that a diver's personal flag has dimensions of not less than 300 mm by 200 mm. (It's not the legal minimum size for a dive boat flag.)

This flag and float meets Industry and safety standards.

Please Note: Only the small dive flag attached to the float is included. The larger flag the float, flag and line are sitting on is NOT included.

(11/18 LRB)