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Sonar 3/8-18 Wing Nuts and Washers, Stainless Steel, Set of Two

$12.00  $9.00
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  • Model: DX-609503
  • Brand: Sonar

Product Description

Keep a pair of these Sonar 3/8-18 Stainless Steel Wing Nuts and Washers in your save-a-dive kit. You won't be able to secure your backplate to your tank if you lose one, and you wouldn't be the first to miss a dive for 'want of a horseshoe nail'.

The 3/8-18 threads fit the oversized Highland bolts for 7.25-inch cylinders.

The wing nuts and washers are made premium high-quality heavy-duty (316-series) stainless steel hardware specifically for use in marine diving applications.

(09/14 LRB)