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Sofnolime CD Grade CO2 Absorbent - 9kg

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  • Model: ST450-9KG | N2050P78T09
  • Brand: Molecular Products

Product Description

Sofnolime CD Grade N2050 non-indicating soda lime is a larger granule, 4-8 mesh, CO2 absorbent manufactured by Molecular Products. Sofnolime CD is a diving grade product with the larger particle size carbon dioxide absorbent recommended for use with sport and technical diving semi-closed and closed circuit rebreather systems by some rebreather manufacturers. Soda lime is an efficient absorbent for the removal of carbon dioxide from breathable gas.

This package is a box containing two 4.5 kg containers of Sofnolime CD.
Box Weight: 10 kg
Box Dimensions: Height: 31 cm, Width: 29 cm, Depth: 20 cm

Sofnolime CD grade is a 2.0 mm to 5.0 mm, 4 to 8 mesh granule size extrudate with a D-shaped cross-section.

It is critical to follow the specific absorbent use recommendations of your rebreather manufacturer for your specific model. Use of the improper product can cause problems such as excessive work of breathing or shortened scrubber times.

  • Jetsam Technologies prefers Sofnolime brand CD grade 4-8 mesh absorbent for their KISS rebreathers.

Sofnolime Product Details

Sofnolime® carbon dioxide absorbent is the preferred choice for experienced rebreather divers, due to it's superior performance and quality. Divers worldwide find the Sofnolime diving grade absorbent to contain far less dust, along with better pellet uniformity.

3rd party testing in an ANSTI testing facility has verified Sofnolime performance, and shown it to be up to 20% more effective than other dive grade absorbent products.

Don't settle for second best. Your life depends on quality performance. Sofnolime is the world-renowned soda lime carbon dioxide absorbent manufactured by Molecular Products. The high-grade material extends across the core markets including medical, military, safety, diving and gas processing.

Two grades of CO2 absorbent are available: 797 Grade and CD Grade. The main differences between the two grades are particle size and shape. CD Grade is a 2.0mm to 5.0mm extrudate with a D-shaped cross-section. The 797 Grade has a smaller particle size (1.0mm to 2.5mm) and has a triangular cross-section, which combine to give a higher CO2 absorption capacity compared with CD Grade.

We offer the two Sofnolime diving grade products appropriate for use with sport and technical diving semi-closed and closed circuit rebreather systems. The Sofnolime 797 grade absorbs 150 L/Kg of CO2. The Sofnolime CD grade absorbs 110 L/Kg of CO2. Thus, Sofnolime 797 grade offers greater absorption capacity and Sofnolime CD grade, by virtue of the larger granule size, offers lower work-of-breathing. In October 2012, Molecular Products published a Technical Report: Performance Testing of Sofnolime 797 and Other Diving Grade Soda Lime Samples at Depth under realistic diving conditions that demonstrated it's superiority over the competition.

Diving grade Sofnolime® absorbs carbon dioxide ensuring a breathable atmosphere is maintained. It is optimised for the removal of carbon dioxide from recirculated air/ nitrox/heliox in rebreathers and saturation dive systems.

  • Commercial and leisure diving rebreathers
  • Dive chamber / bell scrubbers / gas reclaim systems
  • Dive gas conditioning units


  • High intrinsic carbon dioxide capacity
  • Irregular shaped/sized granules for optimum packing
  • High attrition resistance (low dust formation)

How it Works
Sofnolime® removes carbon dioxide (and other acidic contaminants) from gas streams via an exothermic, water facilitated, base catalysed chemical reaction. The Sofnolime® contains a carefully controlled level of water which aids the reaction. Water is also formed as a by-product of the reaction.

"Is this really Sofnolime brand?"
Many divers ask this because they have experienced first hand that other brands don't perform as well as Sofnolime and contain much more dust. Don't worry, we are offering genuine Molecular Products Sofnolime brand granular CO2 absorbent specifically recommended by the manufacturers for use in their rebreathers. We are not substituting another brand, and we are not substituting a generic brand formula from the same manufacturer.

Advice Regarding Travel with Sofnolime
Some individuals are reporting difficulty transporting Sofnolime, particularly by commercial airline. Occasionally the transport personnel will arbitrarily decide Sofnolime is a hazardous material (HazMat) and either refuse it or levy special HazMat surcharges. Although all carriers have this right, in these cases it might help to have a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) at hand. Point out section #14 of the MSDS that indicates Sofnolime has no transport restrictions or UN Number. As a last resort, you might produce a copy of the letter from Molecular Products declaring Sofnolime is classified as non-hazardous for transport. As a practical matter, our customers tell us it is nearly impossible to get airlines to accept containers that have been opened, regardless of documentation.

Storage: Proper storage of Sofnolime is a necessity in order to maintain the correct balance and distribution of moisture. Sofnolime should be kept sealed and stored in a clean dry environment at an even temperature, preferably between 0 and 35 degrees C (32F and 95F). Storage at high temperatures can result in a loss of efficiency and a reduced service life due to gradual loss of moisture from the product. Prolonged storage at sub-zero temperatures should also be avoided. When stored correctly, unopened containers will maintain absorption capacity for up to 5 years. Our absorbent is always fresh and it is correctly stored as per the manufactures recommendations.

Sofnolime CD Technical Datasheet (PDF, 2 pages, 502 Kb)

Sofnolime CD Safety Data Sheet (PDF, 3 pages, 370 Kb)

Sofnolime Non-Hazardous Official Statement Letter (PDF, 1 page, 20 Kb)

Box contains two 4.5 kg containers. When stored correctly, Sofnolime containers maintain proper absorption capacity for five years. Our absorbent is fresh.

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