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View Swim Foam Techboard - Large

$18.00  $16.00
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  • Model: VH-TEC-F-L
  • Brand: View Swimming Gear

Product Description

The View Swim Large sized Techboard is an innovative training board will enhance your pool fitness and do away with all your other float aids in one hit.

The 3-in-1 Techboard provides double action for a full swim workout. As a kickboard, the unique aqua dynamic form helps it to move easily through the water providing less drag and creating extra speed and faster, more efficient kicking.

As a pull buoy or board, it provides the perfect flotation device for upper body training with enough buoyancy to maintain good form in the lower body.

The optimum use is to submerge your Techboard at 20 degrees below the surface in front, with the leading arm straight and the Techboard parallel to the pool floor.

View Swim Foam Techboard Features

  • EVA foam
  • Anti-rash coating
  • Kick - Pull - Swim board
  • Lightweight
  • 2-in-1 training aid

Colour: Black

(05/17 LRB)