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Stalker Hawaiian Sling Polespear - 2m Fibreglass 2 Piece

$43.95  $39.00
Save: $4.95 (11%)

  • Model: JBL-FGLASSHS-2P
  • Brand: Stalker

Product Description

The Stalker Fibreglass Hawaiian Sling pole spear has a two piece, fibre glass 5 pronger and is is 2 metres long. It's a great handspear solution when spearfishing for small to medium size fish and useful around reefs and rocks.

Stalker Hawaiian Sling 2 Metre Fibreglass 2-Piece Polespear Features

  • Stalker Hawaiian Sling 2 Piece fibre glass 5 pronger
  • Heavier construction for more impact
  • Added strength and flexibility for those big fish
  • More punch per dollar vs aluminium
  • Smooth and straight, less friction for greater velocity
  • Length: 2 metres

(01/17 LRB)

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