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JBL Competition Fish Stringer

$31.50  $30.00
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  • Model: JBL-PART-940
  • Brand: JBL Spearguns

Product Description

The JBL Competition Fish Stringer is the perfect companion for any spearfisherman. When you're out spearfishing you don't need to keep going back to the boat or shore every time you spear a fish. Experienced spear fishers always carry a fish stringer to carry their game, made from strong long lasting materials like all JBL products built to last.

The JBL Competition Fish Stringer is made of stainless steel with mono filament cable. Easy to use the stringer bar is placed through the fishes gill cover and out its mouth. Then simply thread the bar through the stainless loop to secure fish. Once the fish is secured you can attach the stringer loop to your buoy or weight belt.

JBL Competition Fish Stringer Features

  • Great for Bagging Multiple Fish
  • Durable, Strong Stainless Steel and Mono Filament Cable
  • Easy to Use and String Fish
  • Attach to Self or Buoy Float

(10/14 LRB)