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  • Aquabionic Warp1 Open Heel Fins

Aquabionic Warp1 Open Heel Fins

$299.00  $255.00
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  • Model: FN095**
  • Brand: Aquabionic by Cetatek

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Product Description

The Cetatek Aquabionic Warp1 Open Heel Fins with adjustable Stainless Steel Spring Straps instantly adapt and continuously change to any kick style and load level based on the demands of the diver. The WARP1 blade features unique construction: At rest, it is relatively flat, but when the diver kicks, the sophisticated design creates a deep scoop that channels water to create thrust. It also minimises side spill and allows the side rails to have a very low profile.

The Aquabionic by Cetatek introduces the world's first Water Adapting Responsive Propulsion (WARP) system for fins. The WARP1 uses patent pending technology that spreads and cups the fin blade in response to increased load on actuator joints when the diver kicks harder.

The blade system is enabled by the active combination of articulating actuators and tensioning membrane. When force is applied onto the system the actuators automatically spread and cup, tensioning the membrane, generating three dimensional blade geometry that provide divers with the optimised profile to achieve maximum efficiency and power.

Considered by Some to be the The World's Most Advanced Fin

Responsive Power Gradient
Constructed from three high-end materials chosen for specific performance parameters, WARP technology provides a power gradient of unmatched responsiveness and performance.

Actuator Controlled
Anticipating a divers kick impulse actuators adapt, optimizing their position along a prescribed arc of motion. By cupping and spreading the actuators proportionally provide the instantaneous blade shape required.

Membrane Tension
The membrane provides expansion compensation that equalizes tension between the spreading actuators.

Automatic 3D Response
Anticipating a divers strength and style of kick, the blade geometry responds by actively generating a three-dimensional profile to achieve maximum efficiency and power.

Laminar Water Propulsion
warp technology aligns water flow into an instantaneous thrust response that provides divers with unmatched power, control, and performance.

Efficient Amplitudes
Comprehensive testing by elite combat divers proves that reduced kick amplitudes generate increased speed with less energy expended and air consumed.

Technically Versatile
warp technology excels at all technical kick styles, making the warp1 the most versatile fin for all levels of divers.

Aquabionic Warp1 Open Heel Fin Features

  • Water Adapting Responsive Propulsion (WARP)
  • Revolutionary Principle of Three Dimensional Blade Geometry
  • Automated Adaptive Response for Underwater Propulsion
  • Anticipating a Divers Strength and Style of Kick, Blade Geometry Responds by Actively Generating a 3-D Profile
  • Achieve Maximum Efficiency and Power
  • New Category of Fins, One Awesome Fin Design!
  • 3-High-End Thermoplastic Rubber (TRP) Materials chosen for Specific Performance Parameters
  • WARP Technology: Power Gradient of Unmatched Responsiveness and Performance
  • Anticipating Divers Kick Impulse Actuators (Core of WARP Technology)
  • Actuators: Adapt, Optimising their Position along Prescribed Arc of Motion
  • Cupping and Spreading Actuators Proportionally Provide the Instantaneous Blade Shape Required
  • Excels at All Technical Kick Styles
  • Most Versatile Fin for All Levels of Divers
  • Comprehensive Testing by Elite Combat Divers Provided Data: Reduced Kick Amplitudes Generate Increased Speed with Less Energy Expended and Air Consumed
  • Outboard Actuators a Stiff TRP with a Soft Flexible Centre Membrane Channel Waters Thrust Directly Behind Diver w/o Water Pressure Slipping or Rolling-Off the Blade Surface
  • Membrane Provides Expansion Compensation that Equalises Tension Between Spreading Actuators

Aquabionic Warp1 Open Heel Fin Colours:

Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow and White.
All colours are not available in all colours.

Aquabionic Warp1 Open Heel Fin Size Chart:

Size Small Regular X-Large
US 6-8 8-10 10-12+
EU 38-41 41-44 44-46+
Weight 4.0 lbs
1.8 kg
5.0 lbs
2.3 kg
2.7 kg
Dimensions 22 x 8.0 in
56 x 20 cm
24 x 8.5 in
61 x 21.5 cm
26 x 9.0 in
66 x 23.5 cm

Aquabionic Warp1 Open Heel Fin Colours:

Choices are: Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow and White

Not all colours are available in all sizes.
Please take care in your size and colour selections.

  Black Blue Pink Red Yellow White

(05/16 LRB)

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