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  • Apollo Super Dry Silicone Snorkel

Apollo Super Dry Silicone Snorkel

$59.95  $49.00
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  • Model: SN08338
  • Brand: Apollo Scuba

Product Description

The Apollo Super Dry Silicone Snorkel is great for scuba divers and snorkellers who like to ensure water doesn't enter the snorkel tube when the snorkel is in use.

Great for Scuba Diving and Snorkelling.

The snorkel has a dry top that virtually eliminates water intake through the top of the tube and seals the tube while underwater. Swim through wind and wave spray without interrupting you breathing. If any water enters the snorkel tube it can easily be blown-out with the easy purge systems one-way valve with extra-large self-draining chamber at the bottom of the snorkel tube.

The Apollo Super Dry Silicone Snorkel's streamline oval-shaped bored tube and lower flex tube combines to make this snorkel perfect for scuba diving. The lower section flex tube automatically swings out of the way when you are using your scuba regulator.

The angled mouthpiece fits comfortably in the mouth for hours of diving and snorkeling fun and is removable if replacement is necessary.

Apollo Super Dry Silicone Snorkel Features

  • Dry Top Tube Seals Tube while Underwater, Virtually Eliminates Water Intake
  • Angled purge chamber for efficient and easy clearing
  • Ortho-consciously mouthpiece for comfort and reduced jaw fatigue
  • Streamlined oval-shaped bore
  • Excellent Flex Tube Snorkel
  • Flex Tube Swings Snorkel Mouthpiece Out-of-You-Way on Scuba

Colour: Black

(11/17 LRB)

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