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Rigid D-Ring 50mm (2 inch) Extra Large

$21.00  $14.00
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  • Model: DX-602503
  • Brand: Sonar

Product Description

The Sonar Extra Large Rigid D-Ring threads on 5 cm (2 inch) webbing and stays in place. The X-large D-ring can be worn vertically on the waist strap or horizontally on the shoulder, depending upon how the D-ring orientation is set during assembly by the diver. It provides a large area of attachment, which is helpful to cold water divers who wear heavy mitts or any diver who needs a larger surface area to attach bottles, light heads and other dive accessories.

This hardware item is made from premium high-quality heavy-duty (316-series) stainless steel specifically for use in marine diving applications.

(03/15 LRB)