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Tusa Jasmine Ladies Jacket BCD

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  • Model: BC-0401
  • Brand: Tusa
  • EAN: 4983608470511

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Product Description

The Tusa Jasmine Ladies Jacket BCD (BC-0401), is the new secret to staying comfortable and stylish underwater. Tailored with women in mind, Jasmine is a wrap-around style BC that hugs and supports in all the right places. Extra-plush padding on the shoulder straps and back pad offer more support and cushion than ever before. Jasmine's sturdy and reassuring back plate will prevent an uncomfortable tank situation.

Once you try TUSA's Jasmine you will never go back to your old BC again.

Tusa's 2nd generation Advanced Weight Loading System (AWLS II) allows the diver to insert weights into the weight-cartridges and loading them easily into the front of the BC jacket. Additionally, with weight distribution to the shoulder area, the weighted-down feeling that is traditionally associated with weight belts is eliminated. Weight cartridges can accommodate from 4.54 kg (10 lbs) of weight in each cartridge and two rear trim pockets can hold up to 2.3 kg (5 lbs) in each non-releasable pocket. The AWLS weight cartridges are easy to release in an emergency, but the safety lock makes sure that they do not release accidentally.

The Rite Tite Buckle is a 2-position cylinder cam strap for quick-and-easy adjustment. While the strap is being looped through the buckle, the buckle stays in place without needing to be held. This allows for more control and stability.

TUSA's Ultimate Stabilising Harness completely eliminates tank roll and delivers an amazing fit. The U.S.H. securely holds the air cylinder in place with optimally placed rails and brings the tank closer to the body increasing tank control while reducing weight.

The Tusa Jasmine BCD Jacket has a low profile wrap-around bladder that is made from heavy duty 500D Cordura nylon for superior strength and durability. The inner bladder is urethane laminated and the bladder is radio frequency (RF) welded for airtight integrity.

BCD has 2-large dual slider zippered pockets for storage and 1-stainless steel and 4-resin D-rings for attachment of accessories. Torso-adjustable shoulder and sternum straps provide Excellent Comfort along with an adjustable waist strap with cummerbund provides precise adjustment of harness. All straps are equipped with squeeze-style, side-release buckles for easy donning and doffing.

Sternum strap buckle is also equipped with an integrated safety whistle for signaling your buddy or attracting attention on the surface. The Jasmine Jacket BCD has a 3-dimensional foam padded lumbar and back pad area for additional comfort. Buoyancy is controlled by Tusa's patented O.P.E.V. quick inflate/deflate system. Trimming buoyancy is easy with 2-dump/overpressure relief valves./p>

BCD provides 8.6 kg to 14.5 kg (19 lbs to 32 lbs) of Lift depending on the BCD Size. BC comes with a 3/8" threaded low pressure quick-disconnect hose, owner's manual and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Tusa Jasmine Ladies Jacket BCD (BC-0401) Features

  • Tusa Jasmine BCD
  • Secret to Staying Comfortable and Stylish Underwater
  • Tailored with Women in Mind
  • Wrap-Around Style BC: Hugs and Supports in All-the-Right-Place
  • Extra-Plush Padding on Shoulder Straps and Back Pad
  • More Support and Cushion than Ever Before
  • Sturdy and Reassuring Back Plate: Prevents Uncomfortable Tank Situation
  • Advanced Weight Loading System (A.W.L.S. II):
    2nd-Generation A.W.L.S.
    Newly-Designed Ergonomic Handle Grip
    Quick-Lock Releases Weight Cartridges
    Release with Ease: 90° Vertically Turning Handle Grips
    Insert Weights into Weight-Cartridges, Easily Load into BCD
    Weight Distribution to the Shoulder Area
  • Weight Cartridges Capacity: Releasable 4.54 kg (10 lbs) each Pocket
  • Non-Releasable Trim Pockets Capacity: Up to 2.3 kg (5 lbs) Each-Pocket
  • Rite-Tite Buckle: 2-Position Cam Strap for Quick-and-Easy Adjustment
  • Tusa's Ultimate Stabilising Harness U.S.H.:
    Eliminates Tank-Roll
    Delivers an Amazing Fit
    Securely-Holds Cylinder in Place with Optimally-Placed Rails
    Brings Tank-Closer to Body, Increasing Tank Control
  • Tusa's Patented O.P.E.V. Quick Inflate/Deflate System
  • 3/8" Threaded Low Pressure Quick-Disconnect Hose
  • 2-Dump/Overpressure Relief Valves
  • Heavy-Duty 500-Cordura Nylon for Superior Strength and Durability
  • Internal Urethane Lamination for Air Tight Integrity
  • 3-Dimensional Foam Padded Lumbar & Back Pad
  • Lift: 8.6kg to 14.5kg (19lbs to 32lbs) Size Dependent
  • 2-Zippered Pockets for Accessory Items
  • Adjustable Sternum Strap
  • Sternum Strap Buckle: Equipped with Integrated Safety Whistle
  • Torso-Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Adjustable Waist Strap with Cummerbund
  • All Straps w/ Squeeze-Style" Side-Release Buckles for Easy Donning and Doffing
  • Stainless Steel and Resin D-Rings for Accessory Attachment
  • Owner's Manual
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Tusa Jasmine Ladies BCD (BC-0401) Specifications

BC Body
Jacket Style
Buoyancy Bag
19 lbs to 32 lbs (8.6kg to 14.5kg) Size Dependent
2-Overpressure Relief Valves
Shoulder Straps
Torso Adjustable with "Squeeze-Style" Side-Release Buckles
Stainless Steel Rings
Yes 1-Stainless Steel, 4-Resin
Waist Strap
Yes, "Squeeze-Style" Side-Release Buckles with Cummerbund
Chest Buckle
Yes, Adjustable Sternum with "Squeeze-Style" Side-Release Buckle
Oral Inflator
Tusa's O.P.E.V Inflation/Deflation System (Power Inflator)
500D Cordura Nylon with Polyurethane Laminate Interior
Available in the Following Sizes:
Large, Medium, Small, X-Small
Weight [with packaging]
Large, Medium: 12.45 lb
Small, X-Small: 7.7 lb

Size Chart - Tusa Jasmine BC-0401 Ladies BCD

Size Lift lb Lift kg Height Weight lb
XS 19 8.6 5'-5'5" 100-125
S 24 10.9 5'2"-5'7" 120-155
M 28 12.7 5'6"-5'10" 155-195
L 32 14.5 5'9"-6'2" 190-225

Please Note: The measurements in the above size guide are approximations and are to be used for general sizing purposes only and may be subject to change.

(03/15 LRB)

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