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HOG D2 Sealed First Stage Regulator

$299.00  $285.00
Save: $14.00 (5%)

  • Model: HOGBF1
  • Brand: Edge | Hog

Product Description

The HOG D2 Sealed First Stage Regulator has all of the high performance of the HOG D1 1st stage regulator but in a smaller package! For this special edition HOG removed the swivel and instead went with a compact main body.

  • 2 High Pressure Ports
  • 4 low Pressure Ports
  • 300 Bar DIN
  • Cold Water sealed chamber (also great in warm water!)

EDGE/HOG highly recommends that non qualified individuals seek professional training/mentoring before attempting repairs or servicing on EDGE/HOG products. EDGE/HOG dealers are also able to perform all warranty, repair and service work on your EDGE/HOG product. EDGE/HOG recommends that divers participation in more advanced technical and exploration type diving be trained in equipment service and has made HOG Service Clinics available thru the participating EDGE/HOG dealers.

Regulators have a Original Owner Limited Lifetime (with proof of purchase) and all owners 7 year limited warranty (from original owner purchase or manufufacturer date when available) all non serviceable components except for hoses and mouthpieces. Hoses enjoy a 3 year limited warranty and mouthpieces enjoy a warranty up to the point you bite through them.

We don't sell the HOG regulators as a pre-packaged "kit" for doubles as the intended market, Technical Divers, have varied needs in hose length, this allows us to keep the price lower while not having a "standard" length hose end up discarded and unused, a silly waste of money and resources. Order hoses separately.

(04/15 LRB)