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HOG D3 Sealed First Stage Regulator

$311.00  $295.00
Save: $16.00 (5%)

  • Model: HOG0376
  • Brand: Edge | Hog

Product Description

The HOG D3 Sealed First Stage Regulator offers outstanding performance in a smaller size than similar high-end first stages.

With the hose routing of a piston regulator having a 5th LP port on the top of the first stage, but the durability and cold water benefits of a diaphragm reg, the HOG D3 Sealed First Stage Regulator is a true industry innovation!

  • The D3 LP Turret swivel will rotate a full 360 degree with the hoses attached in any LP port, without hanging up on the DIN hand wheel.
  • The D3 incorporates a replaceable hard HP seat, which allows for better first stage performance, easier serviceability, and a longer regulator life span.
  • The D3 features a DIN configuration and is Environmentally Sealed, for those requiring the ability to dive in waters below 5°C

We don't sell the HOG regulators as a pre-packaged "kit" for doubles as the intended market, Technical Divers, have varied needs in hose length, this allows us to keep the price lower while not having a "standard" length hose end up discarded and unused, a silly waste of money and resources. Order hoses separately.

(04/15 LRB)