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  • Sonar Cylinder Pressure Checker Gauge - 300 BAR DIN

Sonar Cylinder Pressure Checker Gauge - 300 BAR DIN

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  • Model: WMD-FMT-2-300BAR
  • Brand: Sonar

Product Description

The Sonar 300 Bar DIN Cylinder Pressure Checker Gauge is the easy way to check the pressure in your tank! Do you have DIN valve cylinders, and are tired of mounting your complete regulator rig on them to check cylinder pressure? This chrome-plated, marine grade, solid brass DIN Tank Pressure Checker comes equipped with a quality shock-resistant pressure gauge that reads to 400 bar (5,500 psi) and meets CE standards. If you have to check a tank with a Yoke/K-valve, just spin on a DIN to Yoke Adaptor.

Easy to use:

  1. Screw the DIN fitting into the valve
  2. Rotate the bleed on the stem until it stops tightly closed
  3. Open the cylinder valve very slowly while turning your face away from the gauge
  4. Once the valve is fully open look at the pressure indicated
  5. Close the valve and rotate the bleed until the pressure begins to drain
  6. Once the pressure is completely drained unscrew the DIN fitting only using the collar.

This high pressure gauge is encased in an impact resistant rubber boot, has DIN threaded end, with large hand-wheel for easy mounting even with gloved hands. The gauge has a twist bleed-off valve fitting for easy detachment. Plastic protector cap included.

Sonar Cylinder Pressure Checker Gauge Features

  • Quickly check pressure of your cylinder
  • Fits all SCUBA valves with a DIN outlet
  • Provides readings in both Metric and Imperial
  • Easy twist pressure release

Need to check the pressure on a cylinder with a Yoke valve? The grab yourself a Dive Perfect DIN to Yoke 1st Stage Regulator Adaptor. Then you have both valve types covered using the one gauge.

Warning: Whenever you pressurise a mechanical gauge, it's possible that the tiny Bourdon Tube inside the gauge housing will crack and instantly release tank pressure in to the body of the gauge. This is a rare occurrence in modern gauges but can happen with any such pressure measuring device. When a failure does occur parts of the gauge, especially the face cover, can become a dangerous projectile. Best practice is to always open tank valves very slowly and to position yourself out of the direct line of any pressure gauge. While opening the tank valve, turn your face and eyes away from the gauge and also do not hold the gauge housing itself in your hand or against your body.

(09/19 LRB)

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