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Dive Perfect Stubby LED-1000 O-ring Set

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The Dive Perfect O-ring Set for the Stubby LED-1000 Dive Light is a must for the serious diver. The set includes three diver replaceable O-rings for the torch. Dive Perfect recommends O-rings to be replaced annually, or when you are in doubt of their integrity. This O-ring Set makes a great Save-a-Dive Kit item.

O-rings are the most important components of your underwater light system. If the O-ring is lubricated, it will be elastic enough to shape itself uniformly around the channel providing a proper seal. If it is dry, there will be too much friction to allow it to reshape itself uniformly. It will not safeguard against flooding. Underwater lights cannot be watertight unless the O-rings that seal it are flawless. Always carry spare O-rings in your dive bag. Replacement O-rings for all Dive Perfect dive lights are available.

Every time you open the photographic equipment to change film or batteries, examine the O-ring and service if necessary. Always clean and lubricate after every diving day. When in doubt about the sealing capability of an O-ring, always discard and replace. Never use a sharp or pointed object to remove an O-ring!

Don't over grease! Too much grease attracts debris that will disrupt the seal and cause flooding. Silicone grease is not a sealant, it only protects the O-ring from abrasion. A perfectly greased O-ring looks moist and shiny.

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