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Ocean Pro Mask and Accessories Bag


  • Model: AUP-BAMA
  • Brand: Ocean Pro

Product Description

The Ocean Pro Mask and Accessories Bag has been especially made to protect scuba diving, freediving, spearfishing and snorkelling masks. What's particularly great about the Ocean Pro Mask and Accessories Bag is that it's ideal for the travelling diver as it gives your mask extra padding when you are travelling through airports and the like to get to your diving location.

The OceanPro Mask and Accessories Bag also includes a convenient storage pocket on the side of the main compartment to allow you to conveniently carry your mask anti-fog bottle as well.

Ocean Pro Mask and Accessories Bag Features

  • Secure Velcro closure system ensures your mask can't accidentally fall out of the bag
  • Padded nylon bag to protect your mask
  • Ideal for the travelling diver
  • Includes a small accessory pocket for carrying and storing your mask anti-fog bottle
  • (05/15 LRB)

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