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  • Waterproof D1X Hybrid ISS Trilaminate Drysuit

Waterproof D1X Hybrid ISS Trilaminate Drysuit

$4,359.00  $3,923.00
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  • Model: WP-D1H-*
  • Brand: Waterproof

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Product Description

The Waterproof D1X Hybrid ISS Trilaminate Drysuit is the world's first insulated, constant volume Dry Suit. Waterproof spent three years analysing the problems of standard dry suits. They sourced superior quality materials and exhaustively tested prototypes in the Antarctic to find the answer to the perfect drysuit. The results of this analysis produced the revolutionary patented D1 Hybrid.

The first suit ever with Integrated Silicone Seals (ISS). No more aborted dives due to seal rupture. You can change the seals on the spot in no time. Silicone offers great ozone, chemical and UV resistance paired with a high comfort factor due to its flexibility. Say goodbye to neck and wrist seal choke! The suit has a 3D Mesh Lining that provides built-in warmer insulation. The lining is fixed to the suit which avoids internal movement. It is part of the suit and fits accordingly. Your body moves inside the lining. This concept allows a slimmer fitting suit-cut while keeping you fully insulated.

The 3D lining has no obstructions making donning easier, no overheating when worn on land between dives and is soft with better buoyancy control characteristics. There is no damp underwear when you finish diving and no contact with the condensation moisture on the shell, in every aspect, more comfortable than traditional bulky underwear.

This unique 3D mesh construction, like a bed mattress, has two layers that are kept apart by nylon springs creating constant insulation. The inner lining works like a thermos keeping the insulating air between you and the cold water. The lining also provides an unrestricted airflow and will not trap air. The outer shell is a 10 Butyl Layer Tri-Laminate design.

Is the new Waterproof D1X Hybrid the Best Dry Suit in the World?

The old Waterproof D1 was regarded by many as the drysuit to buy if you had the budget. The main improvement from the D1 to the D1X is that Waterproof have improved the patented 3D mesh.

The D1 was the first drysuit to have an 'insulated constant volume'. The best way to think of a D1X is that it's a hybrid drysuit. Even though it benefits from the thinner, lighter and greater flexibility of a trilaminate style drysuit it has the thermal protection of a crushed neoprene suit.

The Waterproof D1X Hybrid is durable and has made significant improvements on the old D1 which was regarded by many as the world’s best drysuit, including:

  • Dry suit boots that are now 5 times more abrasion resistant
  • Soft and flexible neck ring that allows you to replace the seal at the dive site with a choice of silicone, latex or even neoprene
  • Improved fabric on the front panel means less abrasion
  • The unique 3D mesh liner that provides the thermal protection is now softer and more flexible and is constructed from 50 Denier material.
  • All of the Velcro tabs have been replaced and are now more flexible and have better grip
  • D-rings on the leg pockets have been replaced with stainless and have a new construction

Waterproof D1X Hybrid Drysuit Features

  • World's First Insulated Constant Volume Dry Suit
  • 10 Butyl Layer Tri-Laminate Shell
  • Anatomical Design
  • 3-D Mesh Inner Lining with Suspenders
  • Lining Provides Constant Distance to the Outer Shell
  • Lining Acts as a Vapour Barrier Keeping You Dry at All Times
  • Lining Does Not Absorb Moisture
  • Provides Excellent Insulation
  • Lining Resists Pressure and Squeeze
  • Lining Has a Soft Cushioning Effect
  • High Shock Absorption
  • Unrestricted Airflow Throughout the Suit - No Trapped Air or Squeeze
  • ISS Integrated Silicone Seals at Neck and Wrists
  • Warm Neck Valve
  • Elastic Waist Band
  • Armored Dry Zipper with Chill Guard
  • Polyurethane Embossed Seat Area for Non-Slip and Abrasion Protection
  • Kevlar Knee Pads Schoeller Keprotec Military Grade
  • Kevlar Reinforced Anatomically Cut Boots
  • Form Moulded Velcro Tabs
  • Two Expandable POWER POCKETS on the Thighs
  • D-Rings in Pockets for Accessory Attachment
  • Over-Pressure Quality Check
  • SI-TECH Swiveling Inlet Valve
  • Adjustable Automatic Outlet Valve
  • H1 HAVS Hood
  • Dry Suit Bag

Insulation - It is all a matter of distance and to keep the insulating air between you and the cold water. The Patented 3D Mesh inner lining does the job and works like a thermos. It creates a Constant Insulation Volume C.I.V.

Ventilation - The Patented 3D Mesh inner lining provides an unrestricted airflow and no trapped air. It makes buoyancy control easy to master and controls the inner climate. After a dive, it dries out faster.

Condensation - The constant distance and unrestricted airflow provided by Waterproof's 3D Mesh inner lining will keep the moist air away from your body. As a result, you will feel dry and warm. The 3D Mesh lining does not absorb any liquid and will stay dry.

Pressure Distribution - The 3D Mesh has exceptional resistance to pressure. It provides real pressure distribution and keeps the distance constant to the outer shell. This virtually eliminates squeeze and cold spots.

Fixed Lining - The lining is fixed to the suit, this allows a slimmer fitting suit cut and your body moves freely inside the lining. Since it is fixed you have no obstacles when donning and of course, no overheating on land.

Dress Code: Light - Since the insulation is built into the suit, there is no need for any heavy underwear. D1 Hybrid provides constant insulation at all depths.

What's in the box:

  • Dry Suit
  • Silicone Seals
  • Ring System
  • Suspenders
  • Drybag
  • H1 Hood
  • LP Inflator Hose

Waterproof D1 Drysuit Size Chart

Men's Sizes:
Standard: XS, S, M, ML, L, XL, XXL
Tall: M/T, ML/T, L/T, XL/T, XXL/T
Plus: M/+, L/+, XXXL/+
D1 Men's size chart - metric and imperial

Women's Sizes:
Standard: XS, S, M, ML, L, XL
Tall: ML/T
Plus: M/+, L/+
D1 Women's size chart - metric and imperial

Size really matters! Despite similarities in measurements or weight, every person's body is unique. Although all Waterproof drysuits have a generous cut that allows plenty of room to comfortably fit a standard undersuit, the different thicknesses of different undergarments designed for various environments need to be taken into account. The best way to achieve the perfect sizing is to test your dry suit with your own personal undersuit to make sure it fits perfectly.

How to choose a size.

What We Think...

In our view this is an expensive suit but the looks, technology used, thermal protection, durability, weight, and fantastic construction does justify the price tag. So, in short, it's difficult to say what the best car in the world is, but in our opinion, there are few if any other dry suits that can match the Waterproof D1X Hybrid Drysuit.

Drop Ship
This is not a regularly stocked item in our Rye dive shop. It will be ordered for you from the manufacturer upon request and typically shipped directly from them to you the same day thus resulting in no delay in delivery. However, if they are out of stock this item becomes a special order from Europe typically resulting in a 4- to 6-week delay.

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

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