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  • H2Odyssey Extra Air Source EAS2 Box Set

H2Odyssey Extra Air Source EAS2 Box Set

$525.00  $469.00
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  • Model: RE10028 - SO
  • Brand: H2Odyssey

Product Description

The H2Odyssey Extra Air Source EAS2 1st Stage Regulator is the basis of a customised emergency air source system. It's for when you're 36 metres (120 ft) down, and your Primary Air Source malfunctions and you can't get air! What do you do? Pull-out your Extra Air Source, calmly make your way towards the surface, stop and make a safety stop, and once back on the boat or onshore thank your Lucky Stars you dive with the Extra Air Source.

The Extra Air Source removes existing limits on Redundant Air currently on the market and allows you to configure a Redundant Air Source system tailored to your diving needs. Whether you're solo diving, cave diving, or diving shallow reefs, the Extra Air Source will get you to the surface and even provide you with enough air for a Safety Stop, if configured correctly for your maximum depth.

Having a Redundant Air Source for increased safety allows Independent Emergency Air not dependent on your primary air supply. An octopus or breathable inflator system both depend on the reliability of your primary air source. If it malfunctions you're Out of Air! The EAS2 1st Stage Regulator gives you the reliability of a Redundant Air System using a dependable non-balanced flow-by piston first stage, Yoy then pick what size cylinder and second stage regulator you'll use with it.

The H2Odyssey EAS2 First Stage Regulator threads directly into the neck of a 3/4"-14 NPSM cylinder eliminating the need or bulk of a cylinder valve. This gives you the latitude of selecting the size of the cylinder to be utilised based on your maximum depth.

The H2Odyssey EAS2 First Stage has a sure grip On/Off Valve Hand Wheel that is easy to turn even with gloved hands. The First Stage is equipped with two Low-Pressure Ports and one High-Pressure Port on the marine-grade, chrome-plated, brass body for corrosion resistance and long life.

H2Odyssey Extra Air Source EAS2 1st Stage Regulator Features

  • Reliability of Redundant Air System
  • Increased Safety in Diving
  • Threads directly to any 3/4"-14 NPSM cylinder
  • Solo diving, Cave diving or diving shallow reefs: Extra Air Source can supply enough air
  • Independent Emergency Air, no dependency on primary or buddies air supply
  • 2 Choices: Chrome Plated Brass Station Filler or Yoke Filler
  • First-Stage:
  • Ready to use with Nitrox up to 40%
  • H2Odyseey RG2V First Stage Regulator
  • Non-Balanced Flow-By Piston Design
  • Sure-Grip On/Off Valve Hand-Wheel
  • 2 Low Pressure Ports
  • 1 High Pressure Port
  • Marine Grade Chrome Plated Body
  • Durable and Corrosion Resistant Design

Download/read the H2Odyssey Extra Air Source Manual (PDF, 20 pages, 1.2 Mb)

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