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  • Casio Logosease LGS-RG004 Underwater Communication Device

Casio Logosease LGS-RG004 Underwater Communication Device

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  • Model: UC01000
  • Brand: Casio
  • EAN: 4582429780061

Product Description

Casio have come up with this brilliant way for divers to communicate. The Casio Logosease LGS-RG004 is a three channel, two-way underwater radio walkie-talkie device. With a range from 50 to 100 metres (164-328 feet) and the ability to work at depths of 55 metres (180 feet) under the waves, you just have to face each other to speak to your fellow diver.

This is a single unit underwater two-way ultrasound wave communicator device.
With two of these you can talk with your buddy underwater.

Logosease is an underwater two-way radio, with which you can enjoy conversation in scuba diving. Just set a pocket-sized Logosease to you and your mates diving mask and away you go. You can use it easily, even with the air regulator in your mouth.

Takes diving to a whole new level.
Three Channel, 55 metre max depth, Black (Single unit)

Logosease LGS-RG004 Features:

  • Logosease is a pocket-sized underwater two-way radio which enables underwater conversations
  • Set it at your mask strap and with simple operation, you can start conversation at once
  • Transmission / Receiving is conducted with ultrasonic wave
  • Microphone - Bone Conduction microphone
  • Speaker - Magnetic-type bone conduction speaker
  • You can communicate with your buddies even if you can not see him or her
  • Communication between not only two divers, but three or more (one unit per diver)
  • It can be used for emergency situations
  • Maximum communication range: 50 to 100 metres (* Communication range is up to sea condition)
  • Maximum depth: 55 metres
  • Simple operation: select tapping or hands free (VOX) to change transmitting and receiving mode
  • 3 channels>/li>
  • Voice recorder
  • Training mode
  • Maximum 3 hours for continuous use
  • Included Accessories; Battery charger x 1, USB cable x 1, Strap x 2, Speech training sheet x 1

Logosease is wireless and compact. You can transmit and receive your voice only with this palm-sized unit. A handy device, small enough to fit into a pocket.

Colour: Black

Divers usually communicate underwater by using hand signals or writing on slates. By attaching a Logosease walkie talkie to a diving mask, however, we can converse even with an air regulator in the mouth.

Great for Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

Tap once to start transmitting and then tap again when you are finished. Your partner(s) will then receive your audio as modulated ultrasound which is demodulated via a bone conduction speaker. While the voice and audio quality is not as perfect as on land, it is still clear enough to enable safe communication.

Not only for the advanced divers diving all year around, but for beginners who take diving course in diving school, and tourists who experience diving in resorts, we provide the new joy of sharing discoveries and excitements underwater with Logosease.

Already approved for use in its courses by Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), the world's leading scuba diving training organisation. The Logosease name derives from "language" (logos), "sea" and "ease".

No more reliance only on hand signals!

Mechanism of Communication

Communication is done with ultrasound. Bone-conduction microphone (built-in) collects the vibration of sender's voice from his/her bone, and send it via ultrasound. After a receiver catches it, the bone-conduction speaker (built-in) will transfer to the receiver via his/her bone.

Not only a fun tool, but an extra source of security in the underwater world.

Casio Logosease LGS-RG004 Underwater Two-Way Radio Features:

  • Underwater two-way radio (LGS-RG 005BA) by Casio
  • This is a single unit. You'll need two or more to have a conversation.
  • Microphone: bone conduction microphone
  • Speaker: Magnetic-type bone conduction speaker
  • Size: 89 x 41 x 44.8mm (3.5 x 1.6 x 1.8") (each)
  • Weight: around 107g (3.8 oz) (each)
  • Usage temperature: 0°C-40°C (32°F-104°F)
  • Ultrasound: 1 channel 32KHz USB, 4KHz SSB-AM basis
  • Power lasts for up to 3-hour dive (if used around 10% of time for transmitting)
  • Works up to 40 meters (131 ft) underwater
  • Range: 50-100m (164-328ft)
  • Voice is quieter with distance
  • Divers must be facing each other
  • Power: 560mAh Li-ion battery, charge by USB

Logosease LGS-RG004 Specifications

2 units/set basic model specialized in communication
Outer Packaging
Colors Mat black
Size 89.0mm×41.0mm×44.8mm
Weight Approx. 107g
Max. water pressure At 55m depth
Temperature in use 0?C ~ 40?C
Audio Section
Microphone Bone conduction microphone
Speaker Magnetic-type bone conduction speaker
Communication Section
Channels 3 channels (Channel A, B, and C)
*Default is channel A
(ultrasound wave)
Channel A: 32KHz USB
Channel B: 36KHz USB
Channel C: 40KHz LSB
(band frequency)
4KHz SSB-AM basis
*There is no law regulations for use of ultrasound underwater in Japan.
*Channel B and C may interfere each other a bit, but you cannot hear the contents well.
Antenna Ceramic piezoelectric element
Transmission Range 50-100 meters

*Transmission range and intelligibility of speech are up to the environment in use.

(related location to your buddy, wave condition, underwater visibility, and blocks)

Directionality The power of communication will be max. when front side of the antenna of each divers faces each other.
It will be min. when they are facing opposite ways.
Display Section
When power is ON
(indicating battery remaining)
Fully charged: LED blinking in yellow
Left enough for 1 more dive: LED blinking in blue
Need charging: LED blinking in red
Transmitting mode Pink LED is ON
Receiving mode Channel A: LED blinking in yellow
Channel B: LED blinking in blue
Channel C: LED blinking in light blue
LED while charging Red LED is ON
LED after charging LED is OFF
Operation Section
Acceleration sensor

Tapping once in receiving mode ? transmitting mode starts.
Tapping once in transmitting mode ? transmitting mode finishes. (receiving mode starts)
* Hands-free (VOX) function can start transmitting mode too.

* With no sound for 3 sec., transmitting mode will change to receiving mode.
Flash memory 512MB
Power switch
ON Turns on by detecting water
OFF Automatically turns off in 1 minute after removed from water.
Battery charging Required about 2 hours at 500 mAh
Rating 560mAh with Li-ion battery
Charging method by USB
Duration About 3 hours (assuming 10% of the time is used for transmitting)
Maintenance The manufacturer replaces the Li-ion battery
Other functions
Voice recording
Training mode
Whistle mode
Upgrading software version Available
Accessories Cradle, USB cable, Strap, Speech training sheet

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