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Suunto EON Steel Wrist Dive Computer w/USB and Free Tank Pod

$1,750.00  $1,349.00
Save: $401.00 (23%)

  • Model: 03050B
  • Brand: Suunto
  • EAN: 6417084181817

Product Description

The Suunto EON Steel Wrist Dive Computer with USB Cable and Tank POD Multi Transmitter is the new standard for advanced/technical diving with its support for Air, Nitrox, Trimix and CCR diving. The Suunto Tank POD sends your air pressure from your cylinder to your wrist so your Suunto EON Steel Dive Computer can show you how much gas is left in your cylinder and how long it will last based on your depth and breathing rate.

Free Tank Pod for April 2017!
For April 2017 only, buy the amazing Suunto Eon Steel dive computer, and get one wireless air integrated Tank Pod free! That's a saving of $226 from our usual price of $1,575, or $401 off the RRP!

The long-anticipated Suunto EON dive computer features a brilliantly bright colour TFT display, fully customisable interface, rechargeable battery and extremely rugged construction. The Suunto EON was designed for divers, by divers and will deliver well beyond your expectations.

Fully Customisable Dive Computer With A Bright Colour Screen And Extremely Durable Construction

The Suunto EON's main priority is diver control and usability. It all starts with full user customisation. Suunto claims that this computer will grow with you as your diving and skills evolve. The Suunto EON custom display assures that. You can choose between classic and graphical viewing and define exactly what you want to be displayed all within 4 custom user displays.

The Suunto EON is also setup to receive customisable add-on skins and comes with a wrist strap and bungee option for whatever works best for you. Within your custom-set interface you can cycle between features such as: multi-gas diving (up to 10 gases) with air/nitrox/trimix support, integrated tilt-compensated 3D compass, altitude adjustment, alarms/stops, decompression data, gauge/bottom timer mode, timer, depth alarms, and air integration options.

Suunto updatable software will save you big bucks in the long run. Instead of buying model after model, year after year, you can download and update your EON with new software (such as closed-circuit rebreather). Suunto DM5 software allows you to plan out your dives in advance and then seamlessly transfer your data to your computer.

The easy to use 3-button interface is accessible even with the thickest cold water diving gloves. Additionally, the brilliantly bright Brightsee display that can be read at any angle plus the simple 3-button interface makes this computer incredibly simple and usable at any level of diving for new and advanced users.

The Suunto EON's construction is no less impressive. The housing makes use of extremely rugged reinforced composite with over 50% of that being strong glass fibre. The bezel is constructed with brushed stainless steel that will handle years of abuse. Plus the highly durable and resistant Xensation glass screen will withstand rugged use for years of use.

The EON is guaranteed to 150 metres, will operate in 0°C - +40°C (+32°F - +104°F) water and has been tested and tested again for all types of diving. Additionally, the new rechargeable battery will last 20-40 hours of dive time on a full charge and can be charged when connected to the computer or with a Suunto charger.

The Suunto EON Steel is quite literally the greatest dive computer available today. It is extremely versatile, technologically advanced, user friendly, fully customisable, rugged, and usable by any level of diver in any diving situation. The Suunto EON is an investment that will pay you back again and again with its updatable software and durable construction. Make the switch today to one of the most advanced computers on the market today.

Suunto EON Steel Wrist Computer Features

  • Wireless Air Integration with up to 10 PODs (one Suunto Tank POD included)
  • First of its kind fully customisable dive computer
  • Upgradable firmware computer
  • Full customisation modes, features, display, physical
  • Construction:
    Steel bezel (grade 316L)
    Xensation glass display
    Hard composite case (enhanced with extra glass fiber)
    Advanced media isolated pressure sensor
    Easy to read Brightsee colour TFT display (320 x 240)
  • Option to attach a wrist strap or bungee
  • 3D digital compass
    Bearing tracking
    Cardinal directions
    Declination setting
    Guided calibration
    Heading in degrees
    Tilt compensated compass
  • 4 operation modes: Air, CCR, Gauge, Mixed Gas
  • Diving Interface
    Full continuous decompression algorithm - Suunto Fusedˆ RGBM
    Air / Nitrox / Trimix support
    Possible to use as gauge / bottom timer/ timer
    Altitude adjustment
    Ascent rate monitor/alarm and time display
    Deep Stops and Safety Stops
    Audible and visual alarms
    Temperature display
    Maximum depth alarm and depth display
    Dive time in seconds and minutes
    Full decompression data
  • Transferable dive planner
  • Log book memory and lifetime history
  • Profile sampling rates in seconds
  • Nitrox:
    CNS% + OTU calculation (OLF)
    Max PO2 adjustment: 0.5 - 1.6
  • Multi-Gas Diving
    Up to 10 Gases
    Gas Switching during dive
  • Rebreather:
    Up to 10 diluents (Oxygen 5-99% / Helium 0-95%)
    Bailout, High/low setpoints, Custom setpoint, Manual/automatic setpoint switching
  • Other:
    0°C - +40°C (+32°F - +104°F) operating temperature
    150 m (492 ft) guaranteed depth rating (ISO 6425, EN 13319)
    Battery power indicator
    Low battery warning
    Rechargeable battery
    User updateable firmware
    Works with DM5 PC/Mac compatible software
  • Measurements: 104.6 x 60.5 x 23.1 mm (4.12 x 2.38 x 0.91 inch)
  • Weight 347 g (12.24 oz)

Suunto BrightSee™ Colour Screen
This newest offering features a large rectangular display with crisp, clear and easy to read information. The super bright screen and high colour contrast makes the information easier to read and understand at a glance in poor light or poor visibility. A specially selected combination of display and glass technology minimizes reflections while maximizing viewing angle.

Xensation™ Super Tough Glass Screen
Similar to Gorilla Glass used in zoos the Xensation™ front glass on the EON Steel can put up with a lot of abuse and blunt force impacts. Screen protectors provided protect the glass from scratches.

Suunto EON Steel gives you the freedom to customize nearly every aspect of the interface. Choose either the graphical or classic layout then create your own personalized dive screens showing what you want. Download the free Suunto DM5 Software to easily pick and choose what information is shown and where it is shown on each screen whilst diving.

Future Proof Updates
Will grow with you and follow you in your diving career as your skills evolve. Trimix algorithms out of the box but the EON Steel will have free upgrades in the future, the first of which is a fixed point Closed Circuit Rebreather Mode.

Suunto Fused™ RGBM Algorithm
Maximises your dive time by combining the Technical RGBM Algorithm from the HELO2 and Dr. Wienke's Deep Dive RGBM which can switch mid-dive to improve your bottom time.

Wireless Air Integrated Tank Pod
A new dedicated wireless air transmitter called the Tank Pod for the EON Steel. Each Suunto EON Steel dive computer is able to connect to 10 different PODs on 10 different gas mixes.

Rechargeable Battery
The EON Steel is fitted with a rechargeable battery which means you never have to take this computer back for a battery change or risk disturbing and seals by changing the battery yourself. You can fully charge the EON Steel from empty in four hours for 20-30 hours of diving.

Boot and Bungee Adaptor Kit
Each computer comes with a rubberised boot to protect from bumps and scratches, buckle strap set and bungee strap adapter kit so you can choose between a standard strap or an elasticated bungee strap.

Suunto EON Steel Wrist Computer Specifications

Brightsee Xensation screen
Fresh/Salt Water
Audible Alarms
Reduced Gradient Bubble Model
Imperial/Metric Display
Depth Display
Yes to 150m
Altitude Adjustable
Multiple Gases
Yes up to 10
Digital Compass
Air Integrated
Pressure Display
Weight [with packaging]
635 g (1.4 lb)

Suunto Tank POD Multi Transmitter Features

  • Wireless tank pressure transmitter
  • Sync multiple Tank PODs to your EON Steel Wrist Computer
  • Firmware allows for multiple tank transmitting
  • Up to 10 Tank PODS can be read from your EON Steel
  • Labeling for multi tank use
  • Blinking green light shows pairing and data transmission
  • Readable up to 1.8 m maximum
  • New, easy syncing
  • Pressurise your system and hold your EON close to the Tank POD for pairing
  • EON will display POD number, battery life, and tank pressure for each POD
  • Battery is rated for 2 years at 100 dives/year
  • User replaceable battery kit
  • 1/2AA 3V lithium battery
  • Only compatible with Suunto EON Steel Wrist Computer

In The Box:

  • Suunto EON Steel
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Guide
  • Legal leaflet
  • Protective boot
  • Display scratch guard sticker
  • Bungee adapter and cord
  • Tank POD Multi Transmitter

Download the Suunto Eon Steel 1.1 User Guide (PDF)

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

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