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Slider Drysuit and Wetsuit Powder - 200g

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  • Model: SLIDER-200
  • Brand: Sliderdry

Product Description

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Slider Drysuit and Wetsuit Powder is an eco-friendly and neo-safe product to aid in the entry and exit of dry suits, wet suits and accessories. It replicates the lubricating qualities of Talcs and Gels without the harmful effects. Works well with freediving and spearfishing open cell neoprene wetsuits, plus surfing wetsuits.

Safe for YOU. Safe for your SUIT. Safe for the ENVIRONMENT.

Easy Entry and Exit
Slider Drysuit and Wetsuit Powder simplifies the entry and exit from all dry suits, wet suits, and neoprene accessories. Slider prevents chafing and provides rash protection. It's the only powder you can trust in your drysuit or wetsuit.

Whether you are a scuba diver looking to get easily into your drysuit, a surfer that wants to eliminate chafing, or a triathlete looking to decrease transition times, Slider Drysuit and Wetsuit Powder is for you.

All Natural Ingredients
Developed and made in Australia from four natural ingredients (including seaweed extract), Slider can be safely ingested, applied to your wetsuit or drysuit, and released into the environment. Absolutely no chemicals or carcinogenic powders are used in the production of Slider Drysuit and Wetsuit Powder.

Safe For Drysuit and Wetsuits
Whatever water sport you are into, whether it be surfing, scuba diving, freediving, spearfishing, kayaking or water skiing, good thermal protection is a well-fitting drysuit or wetsuit. But a tight drysuit or wetsuit can often be difficult to slide into easily. Slider Drysuit and Wetsuit Powder provides that lubricating application without harming you, your suit or the environment.

Many people have tried Gels, but they have been found to contain chemicals that are damaging to the suit, or to the environment.

Many divers and surfers have used Talcum Powder, but the perfume chemicals in Talcum Powder can quickly degrade the neoprene of the drysuit or wetsuit itself, plus your neoprene, soft Latex, rubber and/or silicone seals.

Using Slider Drysuit and Wetsuit Powder regularly will help condition your suit and protect it over time.

Safe for You
Talc has been found to be carcinogenic when inhaled, so even 'unscented' talc should not be used. Slider is talc free and safe for you.

The makers at Sliderdry, after much testing and experimentation, have come up with a product that not only replicates the lubricating 'slide-on' effect of talcs and gels, but is made from ALL NATURAL ingredients — includes seaweed extract.

Australian Made
Developed, manufactured and bottled in Australia from local and imported ingredients.

Directions For Use

Squirt powder around the inside of neoprene, latex and rubber seals 𕢔 neck, wrist and ankles.

Squirt powder inside arms and legs of the suit for ease of entry.

When storing your suit, ensure that it is completely dry. Then spread Slider Drysuit and Wetsuit Powder around the inside of the suit to minimise the possibility of moisture build-up.

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