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Sonar Oxygen Pin Index Post to F Din Adaptor - 300 bar

$240.00  $220.00
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  • Model: ADP-AA-48A
  • Brand: Sonar

Product Description

The Sonar Oxygen Pin Index Post to F Din Adaptor lets you connect an Oxygen PIN Index Regulator to a common 300 or 200 bar DIN cylinder valve.

Emergency Oxygen cylinders (e.g. DAN O2 kits) have PIN Index fittings and the Oxygen regulators are designed to connect to this. Unfortunately most emergency kits only carry about 15 minutes (or less) of usable oxygen for the diver in need. This is rarely the adequate amount required to get the diver to proper medical attention (e.g. Ambulance or Hospital). So what happens when the Oxygen cylinder runs out?

Well, with this fitting you can obtain Oxygen or Nitrox mixes in an emergency from any 300 or 200 bar DIN valve cylinder available. Which means the diver's O2 and stage cylinders become usable for Oxygen delivery.

The 300 bar DIN fitting adaptor can screw into any 300 or 200 bar F DIN cylinder valve connector. 100% Oxygen compatible adaptor and O-rings.

Sonar Pin Index to DIN O2 Adaptor Features

  • Connect any O2 pin index valve to a DIN cylinder
  • Allows use of decompression tanks as emergency O2
  • Durable marine grade chromed brass construction
  • Factory cleaned - Oxygen ready
  • Safety adaptor for emergency situations with 300 or 200 BAR DIN connection
  • Safety first - ideal for technical divers, instructors, Divemasters or boat operators

IMPORTANT: The oxygen cylinder used should be oxygen safe and oxygen cleaned by a professional before connecting any oxygen materials to it. This adaptor is to be used only in case of emergency when a medical oxygen cylinder is not available.

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