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Apollo Bio Filter

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  • Model: RE00460
  • Brand: Apollo Scuba

Product Description

The Apollo Bio-Filter is for use with all scuba diving regulators. The Apollo Bio-Filter assures clean, moisturised air for comfortable and safe diving. Scuba divers everywhere can enjoy the benefits of this bio-filter by simply fitting it to any existing regulator.

Many divers are not aware of the difference between compressed tank air and air they breathe on the surface. Compressed tank air is dry (0.1% humidity) and this can cause severe discomfort, dry throat, or 'cotton mouth.' More seriously, dry air dries lung tissue and increases the risk of decompression sickness. Other benefits include easier pressure equalisation, reduced post-dive headaches, increased bottom time, and reduced general fatigue.

For scuba diving, it is granted that the supply of ample air comes first, but no less crucial is the quality of air. Moisturised air is essential to pulmonary respiration and for comfortable, safer scuba diving. The Bio-Filter eliminates the problems associated with dry tank air by replacing 30-70% humidity back into the tank air the diver breathes. It also filters out trace particles of dust, rust, and odour.

The Apollo Bio-Filter is perfect for all scuba divers seeking clean, moisturised air — this includes the adventurous travel diver diving in locations where purity with air fills is questionable or the weekend diver who seeks comfort and additional safety.

Apollo Bio Filter Features

Moisturise your air!
The Apollo Bio-Filter eliminates the problem associated with dry tank gas by replacing 60-70% humidity back into the gas a diver breathes. Without bio-filter, dehydration occurs.

Moisturiser cap with one-way valve Prior to use simply pour water into the filter using the specially designed fill bottle into the one way valve.

Rust and oil absorbed by charcoal filter
A diving cylinder can retain small particles of dust, rust, and oil residue. Inhaling these contaminants can be harmful to your body. The Apollo Bio Filter removes all contaminants and associated odours. Its medically approved 2 in 1 electrostatic and activated carbon filter is highly effective.

Clean Air System
Safe, Clean and Natural air from any scuba regulator. Generation of negative ions. The action of forcing moisturised air through the restrictions of the bio-filter in effect "crushes" the water molecule. This crushing action releases negative elections, which then attach themselves to oxygen molecules, creating negative ions of oxygen (Oe2). From 7000 to 8000 pcs/cc of negative ions are generated by the bio-filter with each breath, a quantity similar to that produced by waterfalls or forests. Negative ions refresh, invigorate and increase alertness, improving diving pleasure and performance, especially when exercising vigorously.

Impact-absorbing Connector
The bio-filter and 1st stage is protected by our unique Impact-absorbing connector.

The Apollo Bio Filter is supplied with:

  • 1 X moisture pad
  • 2 X charcoal filters
  • 1 X clamp ring for easy removal and replacement of charcoal filter and moisture pad
  • 1 X Allen Key-Wrench for installation of the Bio Filter

Available to fit 3/8" (most common) 1st stage regulator ports.

(01/21 LRB)

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