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  • Ocean Design Combat SQR 50HRC Titanium Knife - Chisel Tip

Ocean Design Combat SQR 50HRC Titanium Knife - Chisel Tip

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  • Model: KN10349
  • Brand: Ocean Design

Product Description

The Ocean Design SQR 50HRC Titanium Combat Diver's Knife with Chisel Tip is a quality dive knife for recreational scuba divers and professionals. The knife is great for cutting, digging and prying. You won't find a better large dive knife. The Secure Quick Release (SQR) is the most effective locking mechanism available today.

Combat SQR 50HRC Titanium Chisel Tip Knife Features

  • High quality 50HRC beta titanium alloy
  • Super strong, self-draining, squeeze and release locking nylon sheath
  • Silent sheath technology
  • Neoprene leg harness for comfort and automatic compensation for wetsuit compression
  • 100% NO RUST, non-magnetic, full shank drop point blade
  • Serrated top edge for sawing
  • Line cutter
  • Sure hand curved grip for easy handling
  • Blade Length: 125 mm (4.9 inch)
  • Overall Length: 260 mm (10.25 inch)


Nato Stock Number: NSN 4220661578181
Military speced blade is ideal for prying and heavy-duty cutting.
Approved for use by North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

SQR: Secure Quick Release

The most effective dive knife locking mechanism

The SQR Knife

  • Highest quality dive knife for scuba professionals and military use
  • User adjustable with quick disconnect buckles
  • 100% NO RUST, full shank drop point blade
  • Silent sheath technology to reduce blade noise whilst walking or running
  • HRC50 (Hardness Rockwell C-Scale)
  • LOW MU (Non Magnetic)
  • All metal components are Titanium Alloy

Titanium Knife Blade

  • Blade Style: Chisel Point
  • Serrated top edge for sawing and cutting
  • Line cutter
  • Sure Curved Hand Grip
  • Blade length 125 mm

Available in Black

(12/16 LRB)

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