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Ocean Pro AquaScribe Waterproof Notepad and Pencil

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Your Ocean Pro Aqua Scribe Waterproof Notepad and Pencil Set is a waterproof notepad designed for scuba divers, or anyone else, that needs a totally waterproof way to take and store notes. The Aqua Scribe underwater slate is used by divers, marine biologists, glaciologists — in fact anyone that needs to write in really wet places.

This compact dive slate will fit into most BCD Pockets. It has two levels of slate giving your four slate pages and plenty of room for taking notes, conversing with your dive buddy, or writing down skill performance when training. Whatever your writing needs are this slate can get it done.

This dive slate is also equipped with a Corrosion Resistant Locking Gate Clip and Nylon Webbing Loop for easy securing it to your equipment, plus protective pencil tube for storage of the slate pencil.

Oceanpro Double Level Dive Slate Features

  • Writes underwater or on land
  • Perfect for water sports, diving, research, boating or fishing
  • Multi Page: Four (4) foldable writing slates
  • Plenty of Room for Notes, Conversing or Skill Performance
  • Compact: Fits in most BCD Pockets
  • Refillable leads
  • Long lasting
  • Reusable notepad
  • Easy to sharpen the pencil and clean the slates
  • Robust protective Pen Case
  • Unique belt clip for secure attachment

Writing Area: Four 17 cm x 12.6 cm slates

(07/17 LRB)

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