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Salvimar Cymax Spear Fishing Cord - 1.05mm / 155kg - 50m

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  • Model: SAL-400316
  • Brand: Salvimar

Product Description

The Salvimar Cymax 1.05 mm diameter, 155 kg breaking strength line is designed for the spearfishing enthusiast and comes as a 50 metre (164 ft) length roll. This line is 1.05 mm (0.04") in diameter with a breaking strength of 155 kg (341.7 lbs).

The serious spear fisher always travels equipped with spares in case the encounter a problem with their equipment. Carrying extra line for your spear gun is one of those important spares. Don't let a frayed shaft line ruin a great day of fishing.

These lines are a floating design, are abrasion resistant, highly durable, with a no memory effect non-stretch characteristic.

Lines make a great save-a-dive-kit item.

Salvimar Cymax Spear Fishing Cord - 155 kg Features

  • Great Save-a-Dive-Kit Item
  • Important Spare when Spear Fishing
  • Salvimar Cymax: High Strength Line Designed for Spear Fishing
  • Floating Line
  • Length: 50 metre (164')
  • Diameter: 1.05 mm (0.04")
  • Tensile Strength: 155 kg (341.7 lbs)
  • Abrasion Resistant, Highly Durable
  • No Memory Effect Non-Stretch Characteristic

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