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Pelagic Stiff Dyneema Wishbone Cord - 1.8mm / 180kg - 100m

$330.00  $295.00
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  • Model: PEL-DYN18/ROLL | PEL-183/100
  • Brand: Pelagic Spearfishing

Product Description

Pelagic Stiff Speargun Dyneema Cord is one of the worlds strongest fibres. The 1.8 mm dyneema line has extremely good dynamic properties and is not affected by water. It has excellent durability, is ultraviolet light stable, and comes as a 100 metre (328 ft) length roll.

Heavy Duty and Hard wearing. Ideal for your speargun rubber bridle.

It's rated at an impressive 180 kg braking strain! It is not surprising that todays best performing spearfishing equipment is using Dyneema fibre.

At 1.8 mm diameter, this line is convenient size for smaller bridle beads or swivel eye diameters for making up floatlines or muzzle bungies.

Typical Applications:

  • Cord bridles
  • Ultra tough spearline
  • High strength reel cordage
  • Noise free rigging attachment

(01/17 LRB)