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Faber Steel Cylinder - 300 bar - 5 litre - HP DIN Valve

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  • Model: CY3053 | CY3050
  • Brand: Faber Cylinders
  • EAN: 9349182007508

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Product Description

The Faber 300 bar, 5 litre (53 cubic foot), 140 mm (5.5 inch) diameter, Steel Cylinder with High Pressure DIN valve and cylinder boot is Nitrox ready.

These cylinders are made by Faber, the leading European manufacturer of scuba diving tanks, with extremely high quality steel made to international standards. Faber cylinders display a unique combination of size, weight and buoyancy.

Please Note: Oxygen Clean can only be completed on cylinders being picked-up in store.


We supply Faber 300 bar cylinders with a High Pressure DIN valve as standard. The valves are made by San-o-Sub, a leading Italian manufacturer of medical, industrial and scuba valves. They are strong and reliable and are made from really top quality materials. The inner air passages were carefully studied in the design so as to guarantee top performance even, and above all, with the top performance regulators. The valve design ensures an excellent grip, facilitating opening and closing of the tank.

Note: If you require your cylinder unvalved, instead of with a HP DIN valve, please specify when you order.

Valve Oxygen Cleaning:

The Faber 300 bar steel cylinders are supplied Oxygen (O2) clean, suitable for use with up to 100% oxygen. However, if you are planning to use the cylinder with Enriched Air Nitrox (Nitrox) mixes up to 100% oxygen, it's essential for the safety of the cylinder user and the person filling the cylinder that the valve be oxygen cleaned and prepared with special o-rings, seats, and grease designed for exposure to pure oxygen. The cylinder should then be banded with the familiar yellow and green Nitrox band/wrap/sticker, and an Oxygen Clean 'In Test' inspection sticker applied. The Scuba Doctor can do all of this for you as an add-on service.

Faber 5 litre, 300 bar steel cylinders from The Scuba Doctor are supplied with a self-draining flexible PVC cylinder boot to fit the round bottomed Faber tanks already installed. This protects the bottom of your cylinder and provides a streamlined profile for tank racks or doubling tanks.

Faber 5 litre, 300 bar Cylinder Specifications:

  • Fill pressure: 300 bar (4351 psi)
  • Test pressure: 465 bar (6744 psi)
  • Standard: BS 5045 Pt 1
  • Material: 34CRMO4 Chromium Molybdenum Alloy Steel
  • Manufacturing Process: Cold deep drawing from steel plate
  • Primary Finish: Hot Zinc sprayed, layer thickness 60/70 microns
  • Final Finish: 2 part polyurethane white paint sprayed and air dried
  • Internal Finish: Chemically treated with Ferrous Phosphate
  • Neck Thread: 3/4 inch NPSM
Water Cap. Volume Cu Ft Tare Weight Dia.
Empty Full
5 litre 53 cf 7.7 kg 140 mm
5.5 in

International shipping: Not available.
Shipping within Australia: Email or call for prices.
Our standard freight fees do not apply.
All cylinders are shipped unfilled with the valve off.

All scuba tanks for delivery are sold EMPTY due to restrictions in place on the transportation of high pressure cylinders. If you are picking up your order instore, The Scuba Doctor will be happy to give you a FREE air fill.

Note: Cylinders comply with Australian Standards.
We will only ship cylinders to locations in Australia.

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