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Tank Holder - Foam Double Cylinder Holder

$59.00  $53.00
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  • Model: AUP-ACFTC | Z94
  • Brand: Ocean Pro

Product Description

This Foam Double Tank Holder features light weight foam construction.

Need a way to safely transport your scuba cylinders and stop them from rolling back and forth in your 4WD, ute/truck bed, boat or car boot? This clever, lightweight design works great. The Foam Tank Carrier will hold two of the most commonly sized scuba tanks and stop them from slip. sliding and rolling around.

Foam Double Cylinder Holder Features

  • Cradles Scuba Cylinders so they wont roll around and damage your car
  • Prevents Scuba Tanks from Rolling
  • Increases Safety of Transporting Tanks
  • Holds Two Tanks
  • Made from High Density, Lightweight, Non Slip Foam
  • Rot Resistant

Dimensions: 450 mm long, 380 mm wide, 140 mm high

(12/16 LRB)

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