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Mac Coltellerie Microsub PT Knife - Chisel Tip

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  • Model: SL-SUBBT
  • Brand: Mac Coltellerie
  • EAN: 9349182003104

Product Description

The Mac Coltellerie Microsub PT Knife is a compact chisel tip dive knife with a Stainless Steel blade that makes it very sturdy and durable. Comes complete with a plastic sheath, buckles and two straps.

The 6 cm blade consists of a smooth side and a serrated edge side, plus a shackle key and blunt tip.

The Chisel Tip has two major benefits: Should you miss the sheath when putting the knife away you won't cut your suit (or yourself) with the point. Secondly, the blunt end is stronger than a pointed tip and better for prising or using as a flat head screwdriver.

Great for scuba diving.

Mac Coltellerie Microsub PT Knife Features:

  • 6 cm Blade Length
  • Smooth and Serrated Cutting Edges
  • Shackle key
  • Comes with Plastic Protective Sheath

Mac Coltellerie Microsub PT Knife Specifications:

Blade: Stainless Steel - W 1.4116
Hardness: 55-56HRC
Thickness: 3.8 mm (0.149 in)
Weight: 55 g (1.94 oz)

Handle material: ABS

Knife length: 14.5 cm (5.7 in)
Blade length: 6 cm (2.36 in)

Sheath: PP, 26 g (0.91 oz)

Drop Ship:
This is not a regularly stocked item in our Rye dive shop. It will be ordered for you from the manufacturer upon request and typically shipped directly from them to you the same day thus resulting in no delay in delivery. However, if they are out of stock this item becomes a special international order, typically resulting in a 4-week delay.

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

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