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Sonar Gas Transfer/Fill/Equaliser Hose with Pressure Gauge DIN

WMD-GP-7-DIN 06/22
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STOCK STATUS: We would love to ship this to you, unfortunately the International supplier is out of stock of this item. Last notification had stock will be available as at October 2022. If you have your mind set on getting this product, please email or call 03 5985-1700 for an update on when stock may be available



The Sonar Gas Transfer/Fill/Equaliser Hose with Pressure Gauge from The Scuba Doctor allows you to transfer high-pressure gas to equalise between two scuba cylinders. Or to decant gas from one cylinder to another.

This value-priced Nitrox ready transfer/fill/equaliser/decanting hose is 1.5 metres (60 in) long, with standard DIN fittings at each end that connect to both 200 bar and 300 bar standard DIN scuba cylinder valves. One twist-action bleed screw is positioned on the DIN fitting just below the gauge, plus another on the second DIN fitting.

The 6.5 cm (2.5 in} diameter pressure gauge provides dual readings in both imperial (PSI) and metric (BAR) measurements — 0 to 400 bar (0 to 5500 psi).

The 1.5 metres (60 in) long, Teflon lined, double braided stainless steel, high-pressure hose has a max working pressure of 360 bar (5,220 psi) and a bursting pressure of 1,076 bar (15,600 psi).

For transfers between standard K-valve cylinders, add one or two optional DIN-to-Yoke spin on adaptors, e.g. Dive Perfect DIN to Yoke 1st Stage Regulator Adaptor.

(09/22 HS)

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