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Boot - 65-95 cuft Aluminium Cylinder (184mm) - Plastic

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  • Model: CY10560
  • Brand: Ocean Design

Product Description

Use the Ocean Design Octagonal Cylinder Boot to protect your aluminium tank bottom from dings, nicks and dents with this self draining tank boot.

The boot is equipped with an octagon rim to prevent the cylinder from rolling while it's lying down.

The boot protects the flat cylinder bottom from damage and allows the diver to stand the cylinder upright to aid in regulator and BCD mounting.

The boot is designed for cylinders with a 184 mm (7.25 inch) diameter, especially flat bottom, aluminium cylinders. Ideal for use with C65, S80, C85 and C95 model Catalina Cylinders.

Ocean Design Octagonal Plastic Cylinder Boot Features

  • Self-Draining Ribs and Durable Design
  • Octagon Rim Prevents Tank Rolling
  • Flat Bottom Design for Aluminium Cylinders
  • Protects Tank Bottom
  • Allows Cylinder to Stand Up
  • For 184 mm (7.25 inch) diameter Aluminium Cylinders
  • Suits Catalina Cylinder models C65, S80, C85 and C95

TOP TIP: Remove your cylinder boots every 3 months and wash the base of the cylinder and the boot to prevent unwanted corrosion.

(01/17 LRB)