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  • Apollo Solar Pro Watch Dive Computer

Apollo Solar Pro Watch Dive Computer

$999.00  $899.00
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  • Model: CO07500
  • Brand: Apollo Scuba

Product Description

The Apollo Solar Pro Watch Dive Computer is the world's first solar dive computer. The days are gone where you must pay for an annual battery change!

The Apollo Solar Pro watch dive computer can be configured in gauge mode (time and depth), or as a full dive computer. It's dive computer algorithms are based on the latest decompression theory by Dr AA Buhlmann. Air and Nitrox compatable with F02 adjustable in 1% increments from 21% to 50% Nitrox (EANx).

Compatible with the new Casio (Logosease) underwater communication devices. Transmits verbal warnings you can hear underwater. Verbal warnings include:

  • depth
  • decompression
  • ascent rates and safety stop

Apollo Solar Pro Watch Dive Computer Features

Amazing range of displays include: (but not limited to)

  • World Time
  • Alarms
  • Stopwatch
  • Night Light
  • Dive Mode (Choice of - Computer or Gauge Mode)
  • Log No.
  • Dive Date
  • Dive Count/Day
  • Entry Time
  • Exit Time
  • Dive Time
  • Lowest Water Temperature
  • Max. Depth
  • Current Depth
  • Average Depth
  • Range of Warnings
  • FO2, N2, PO2

(08/15 LRB)