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IST Proline Sunny LED Pocket Dive Light - 220LM

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  • Model: IST-T-16
  • Brand: IST Proline

Product Description

A slick pocket diving torch, the IST Proline Sunny LED Dive Light requires only three C-size batteries (IST provides a fourth "dummy" battery with each light). This makes the Sunny more economical to operate, while still delivering more burn time than many other compact hand held diving lights.

ScubaLab 2011 Best Buy. It's a great pocket dive torch.

Recording the second-highest EV reading in its class, this pocket torch generates a very hot spot beam 33 cm (13 in) in diameter, surrounded by a very bright, wide halo that reaches out more than 90 cm (three feet) from centre, providing lots of periphery illumination. It's almost like a combo spotlight and floodlight.

The light head and battery casing are protected from the elements with a double O-ring seal. The swivel-lever switch can be activated one-handed, and it comes with a safety lock.

The IST Proline Sunny Dive Torch is depth rated to 60 metres (200 feet), and comes with a wrist lanyard.

IST Proline Sunny LED Pocket Dive Light Features:

  • Compact sized primary or backup torch with effective illumination
  • Specially designed switch lock system prevents accidental activation
  • Double O-ring seal provides extra security against leakage
  • Easy battery and bulb/reflector replacement
  • Strong plastic casing
  • ScubaLab 2011 Best Buy

IST Proline Sunny LED Pocket Dive Light Specifications:

  • Burn time: 8 hours (approx.)
  • LED life: +10000 hours
  • Colour temp: 5500K
  • Brightness: 220 Lumens
  • Max. depth: 60 metres (197 ft)
  • Waterproofing: 2 x O-rings
  • Buoyancy: Positive
  • Battery type: 3 x C-sized batteries
  • Weight (dry): 380 g (0.83 lb), with battery
  • Dimensions: 16 cm × 6 cm x 5 cm (6.2" × 2.4" × 2")
  • CE mark approved

Note: Remember to use the dummy battery; using four C batteries can damage the circuit.

(10/15 LRB)