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Dolphin Tech Crotch Strap - 50mm (2in)

$35.00  $27.00
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  • Model: IST-HB3
  • Brand: Dolphin Tech

Product Description

The Dolphin Tech Crotch Strap with its soft, standard 5.1 cm (2 inch) wide webbing further secures and stabilises your scuba rig to your torso without causing any discomfort.

Used for fastening a harness and backplate securely to a diver's body, this 5.1 cm (2") wide crotch strap is used to reduce the likelihood of gear slipping upwards on the diver's body while in the water, resulting in the tank hitting the back of the head during a dive. Preferred by divers who use scooters (DPVs) for extended periods of time due to the added comfort the 5.1 cm (2") width webbing provides.

Dolphin Tech Crotch Strap Features

  • Increased Rig Stability
  • Strong and Durable Nylon Webbing
  • Soft 5 cm (2") wide, 1.2 mm thick nylon webbing
  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Used for Fastening a Harness and Back Plate Securely
  • Prevents Rig from Riding Up on Body
  • Pre-fixed webbing keeper and flat stainless D-ring

Please download/read the Dolphin Tech Crotch Strap Owner's Guide (PDF, 2 pages, 59 Kb)

(12/20 LRB)

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