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Dolphin Tech Backplate - Stainless Steel

Dolphin Tech
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The Dolphin Tech Stainless Steel Backplate is designed to be the heart of a technical buoyancy compensator system. It provides a vital connection between a diver and the harness and cylinder. Individually press-formed and all edges de-burred, Dolphin Tech backplates have 5 cm (2 inch) slots for the harness and crotch strap, as well as 10 perimeter holes for attaching additional equipment such as stage bottles and canister torch. There are 3 sets of tank mounting holes along the plate's centre line, giving the diver easy options to fine-tune the tank to torso position.

Greg Flanagan first invented the metal back-plate using aluminium in 1979 for North Florida cave divers. He realised that a back-mounted buoyancy system gives a diver natural balance in the water, due to the diver's centre of gravity (tanks) being surrounded by the centre of buoyancy (BC wings). Plus, the diver gains a clean chest area with room for gear attachment points on the harness. Bill Hogarth Main went on to popularise the back-plate and harness and dive purists who follow the DIR philosophy have come to embrace what is known today as the "Hogarthian Rig".

Please note: The Dolphin Tech Backplate has a specific design that means it is compatible with Dolphin Tech bladders only.

Dolphin Tech Stainless Steel Backplate Features

  • Pre-bent anatomical lower corners
  • 2.25 kg (4.96 lbs) Weight, Ideal to Counter balance Buoyancy Characteristics of Thick Dry Suit Exposure Protection
  • 11" (27.9 cm) On-Centre Holes Accommodate Standard Double Tank Bolt Kits
  • Perimeter Holes for Mounting Lights, Pony Bottles, Lift Bags and Accessories
  • 2" (5.1 cm) Slot for Crotch Strap
  • 2" (5.1 cm) Centre Slots for Cam Bands to Accommodate Single Tank Use
  • All Edges, De-Burred to Eliminate Sharp Edges and Prevent Abrasion to Harness Webbing
  • Material: Corrosion Resistant 304-Stainless Steel

Please download/read the Dolphin Tech Back Plate Owner's Guide (PDF, 2 pages, 65 Kb)

Please download/read the Dolphin Tech Complete BCD Owner's Guide (PDF, 44 pages, 3.1 Mb)

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