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Sonar Intermediate Pressure (IP) Gauge

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  • Model: WMD-MT-4
  • Brand: Sonar

Product Description

The Sonar Intermediate Pressure (IP) Gauge enables you to quickly check and adjust regulator intermediate pressures by plugging the IP Gauge into the low pressure, quick disconnect BC hose. Perfect for helping diagnose regulator problems in the field.

The large 38 mm (1.5 in) diameter gauge has a protective rubber boot.

Brass mechanism inside a plastic body with a chrome plated brass nipple. Graduated scales in imperial (0 to 200 10 psi in 5 psi increments) and metric units (0 to 15 kg/cm2 in 0.5 kg/cm2 increments).

Be Advised: The gauge is accuracy checked at the factory prior to shipping. Over pressurisation, mishandling or extended use with time can decrease or destroy the accuracy of this gauge. The gauge is warranted to be accurate at the time of your receipt only.

Intermediate Pressure (IP) is that air pressure found in the hoses that are between your first stage (on your cylinder) and your second stage (in your mouth) or your occy (aka safe second stage), BCD and/or drysuit. The only hose that does not carry IP air is the one going to you submersible pressure gauge (SPG), or air-integrated dive computer. The actual pressure is determined by the design of your regulator and is set by the manufacturer. If it is not with in a specific range, you either are not getting a proper breath of air or your regulator is going to be uncontrollably free flowing.

Many of those savvy about regulators are surprised that more divers don't carry an Intermediate Pressure (IP) gauge in their save-a-dive kit. A simple to use and inexpensive IP gauge can help you save a dive or save your life. An IP gauge can:

  • Tell you immediately if the problem is with a first stage or second stage of your regulator. Then can help you make a go or no go decision for if it's safe to dive.
  • It may be the only way to tell if you have even a small leak in your system. You SPG or Computer pressure only measures the first stage/tank pressure and cannot tell you anything about the your system beyond the first stage.
  • Track the health of your regulator and know if it needs servicing before the recommended service cycle (usually annual or number of dives).
  • Can help you determine if you have blockage in your regulator.

IMPORTANT: Your regulator is life support equipment. The IP Gauge can help you asses the health of your regulator. But, all regulator adjustments and service should be performed only by certified and qualified regulator technician.

Safety Tip: Please note that you should never connect the gauge unless you have a second stage also connected. Even experienced service technicians have made been injured by making this mistake.

Dimensions: 10.0 cm x 4.5 cm x 2.8 cm.

(10/15 LRB)