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Dive Perfect Sidemount Set

Dive Perfect
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The Dive Perfect Sidemount Set comes with everything you need for a high performance regulator setup in a sidemount style cylinder configuration. The package is assembled by The Scuba Doctor and includes:

That's a lot of gear at a great low price!

Sidemount diving originated from caving diving as means of fitting through very narrow passages, it also allowed cylinders to be pushed in front of the diver or removed completely to fit into even smaller holes. Sidemount diving offers excellent benefits to the advanced recreational and technical divers, streamlining is greatly increased as the cylinders are tucked under the divers armpits and are right in the divers slipstream, ease of movement through the water is therefore very easy. The use of two cylinders allows increases redundancy as the diver is carrying two completely independent systems. The cylinders can also be carried to the water by hand and attached either just before getting in or in the water, this makes sidemount diving much easier on the user's back.

The Dive Perfect Sidemount Set meets the tough CE EN250 European standards, and is cold water and Nitrox ready to 40%, brand new, out of the box.

Dive Perfect Edge DIN ICE 1st Stage Regulators

  • Rotating turret, DST style, first stage for easy hose routing
  • Fitted with a 5th low pressure end port for clean hose routing for drysuit and wing
  • Balanced for excellent, dependable performance
  • Environmental dry kit keeps out water and therefore contaminants and improves resistance to freezing

Dive Perfect 2nd Stage Regulators

  • Pneumatically-balanced second stage results in smooth, easy breathing
  • Easy-to-grip opening effort control knob keeps the diver in control
  • The comfortable mouthpiece virtually eliminates jaw fatigue
  • Suitable for use in cold-water

Choice of SPGs

Miflex Thin-Line Brass SPGs

  • Compact and thin, high-quality submersible pressure gauge (SPG)
  • Durable, Lexan chip-resistant dial with gasket
  • Nickel plated brass case
  • Fluorescent dial with reserve indicator
  • Wide 270° sweep from 0 to 400 bar
  • 50 mm diameter, 17.5 mm width


Miflex Tech Brass and Glass SPGs

  • Compact and robust, high-quality submersible pressure gauge (SPG)
  • Tempered glass lens with easy to read bright white face
  • Nickel plated brass case
  • Fluorescent dial with reserve indicator
  • Wide 270° sweep from 0 to 400 bar
  • 52 mm diameter, 25 mm width

Also included:

Two Sonar Swivel-Pin Airspools with Standard O-Rings and Standard Shoulder to seal the connection between the SPGs and the HP hoses.

One Sonar Small Stainless Steel Bolt Snap for the 2nd stage regulator on long hose.

Optional lightweight Miflex BCD/wing inflator hose in your choice of length. Optional lightweight Miflex drysuit inflation hose in your choice of length.

Optional Regulator Necklace for 2nd stage regulator on the short hose.

The Right Hose Lengths

There are lots of different opinions as to what the 'right' regulator, BCD/inflator and high pressure hose lengths are for sidemount setups. Some companies only supply what they deem their 'standard' hose lengths. For example, in the Apeks Sidemount Set there is a 210 cm (84 in) long reg hose, a 60 cm (24 in) short regulator hose, two 20 cm (8 in) BCD/inflator hoses, and two 15 cm (6 in) HP hoses. Others say that the short regulator hose should be 56 cm (22 in), with the same 56 cm (22 in) length for the two BCD/inflator hoses, and 20 cm (8 in) for the two HP hoses. The correct hose lengths for your new sidemount rig will depend on how you want to route your hoses, and the type of sidemount diving you plan on doing. We give you hose length options so you can choose the hose lengths that suit you best.

Technical Tip

Do You Sidemount Up or Down?
By default, the SPGs in our sidemount regulator packages are not mounted on the first stage HP ports. That is because there does not seem to be a consensus among experienced sidemount divers on how the cylinder valves should be oriented. Some sidemount divers configure the stage straps on their cylinders so that the valve outlets point down and others prefer the valve outlets to point up. They may arrange the cylinders with the handwheels on the inside where they are more protected, while others prefer the handwheels on the outside where they are easier to reach. We assemble the SPG, air spool, and hose but the orientation of your cylinder valve outlets, up or down, will determine which HP port of the first stage will be used. It is easy to do yourself, but if you would like us to go ahead and mount the SPG's on the first stages just tell us in the 'Special Instructions' dialog box at Checkout if you rig your cylinders with the valve outlets facing up or down.

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