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  • Ocean Hunter Quick Release Weight Vest

Ocean Hunter Quick Release Weight Vest

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  • Model: AUP-OHWV
  • Brand: Ocean Hunter

Product Description

The Ocean Hunter Weight Vest is just the thing to sort out your weighting and ensure a comfortable dive. Incorporating a weight vest into your freediving or spearfishing setup is a great way to add weight directly on top of the most buoyant part of your body when you freedive - your lungs. For many freedivers and spearos they may still choose to wear a weight belt in conjunction with the weight vest to better carry the weight load and improve underwater streamlining. Alternatively other divers prefer to use a weight vest only, instead of the traditional weight belt, as they can significantly alleviate lower back pain caused when having to carry large amounts of weight around.

The Ocean Hunter Weight Vest features a simple, one handed quick release design so you can always get it off whenever you need to without any fuss or delay.

The sleek cut is preformed for a comfortable fit and was designed to improve wear ability and comfort. A lot of attention has been spent focussing on the finishing. This versatile vest is constructed with 3 mm neoprene, with heavy duty nylon webbing and soft touch lycra binding.

The Ocean Hunter Quick Release Weight Vest has an innovative quick release system that allows the spearo to take it off it with a simple movement, greatly improving its safety.

The vest itself has been manufactured from 3 mm neoprene, with a heavy duty Nylon webbing and soft touch Lycra binding to ensure many years of continued use. The Ocean Hunter Weight Vest has been deigned with one size fits all.

The Ocean Hunter Weight Vest has been designed with a total of six weight pockets. There are four individual pockets which are back mounted and run up the divers spine, and there are two individual pockets which are front mounted. All weight pockets combined will allow this weight vest to carry a maximum weight of 6.4 kg (14 lb). By incorporating individual weight pockets that are laid out around the body, spearos and freedivers have more options available to them with how they choose to carry the weight which again significantly improves diver comfort and streamlining.

Ocean Hunter Weight Vest Features

  • Preformed cut to increase diver comfort and improve sizing
  • Safety: Unique one hand operation quick release mechanism for safety
  • Buckles: Fastex plastic buckles with simple quick release operation
  • Pockets: A total of 6 individual weight pockets, 4 on the back and 2 on the front
  • Weight vest will carry up to 6.4 kg (14 lb) of lead
  • Includes provision to attach weight vest to a standard weight belt
  • Cut: Preformed anatomical cut to increase diver comfort and improve sizing
  • Construction: 3mm Neoprene with heavy duty Nylon webbing
  • Colour: Black
  • Size: One size fits all

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